First week of school. You wouldn't guess it if you took a look at my planner. This week has been long, long, long, and I can't quite find a better word to describe it.

Being in the college of ed is so cute. Really. All of our teachers bring us sweet home-baked goods, and we play lots of fun team games to get to know each other, and catch up at record breaking noises for college classrooms. However, we have more work to get done than I have hours in the day. I have class for 8 hours a day T, W, Th, (M, F - only 4) and about 2 hours of homework each day. Not to mention I'm working 15 hours this week. I'm trying, really trying, to not get overwhelmed. However, I think that ship has sailed.

Tonight though I'm taking the night off. I'm about to place an order for thai food with my new roommates and we're going to sit and chit-chat and enjoy a glass of wine and listen to the rain. I have already changed into my pj's and I'm starting to believe that maybe a night like tonight will be just what I need to get a fresh persective.

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