Leo - Month 13

Weight: 19lbs 14oz (21%), 31inches (52%)

Nicknames: Leeman, Lee-Lee, Forest Boy, Weeward, Wee-whoa
Clothes: 12-18 months, size 3 shoes, and size 3&4 diapers
Sleep:  We've switched up your sleep this month. Last month your naps were WONKY, and as much as I wanted to fight for two naps for as long as possible, you were over them. We are officially a one nap family. We've been going strong for about 3 weeks now, and while there are some pros and cons to it, overall, I think its working better for us. 

The hardest part is making sure you don't fall asleep in the car before your nap. If we can accomplish that, you are a pretty good napper from 12:30/1is-3ish.

You still go into bed for the night 6:30/7pm, and wake up 6:30/45am.

up at 6:30...with an 8oz bottle
8:00am breakfast
9-12am play - very necessary to get out of the house during this time
11:30am/12pmish- lunch
12:30/1:00 pm nap
3:30pm snack
6:00pm dinner
6:30 pm bath
7:00 pm 8oz bottle and bed

Health: Very healthy baby!
Crying: You do not like to be home for too long or you get very stir crazy. You don't like to play by yourself, and if mom or dad dares to leave the room you will let us have it!
Feeding:  You're becoming a bit pickier which is killing me! You always go for the bread/carb product, but its tougher and tougher to get you to eat your veggies. I've gotten creative (sweet potato toast, black bean quesadillas, spinach smoothies), but its not always so easy!

Likes:  You love pointing, birds, Roscoe, being outside, your hip-hip, walking, all of your new birthday toys, other kids, and your dada!
Dislikes: When we walk out of a room, not being paid attention to.
Milestones:  You're a walker!!! And you really made your grandparents proud by starting to take your first steps in Chicago!

It honestly came out of nowhere too! You never really pushed around walkers, so I was thinking you would be a little bit on the later side of this milestone, but at 12mth2wks, you were off to the races!

You take about 20 steps in a row before you tumble, but you're doing awesome and you're so proud of yourself!
Besides walking, you've had a huge month. You're saying lots of "words"; mama, dada, roro, "ca" (for car), wow, uh-oh, and ya.
You learned how to pump your fist when we say "go, go,go", you give kisses on command, and you seem to comprehend a lot of what we say to you now!
Places You’ve Gone: We spent 3.5 weeks in Chicago and had an overnight in Iowa with your cousins.

Visitors: We saw lots and lots of friends and family this month!

Roscoe: You two are best of friends. When we would facetime Dad while we were in Chicago, you would LIGHT UP every time he showed you "Ro Ro". You love to play fetch and give him big kisses.


Pumpkin Patchin'

One of my must-do items while we were home was to visit a pumpkin patch - and Goeberrt's in Barrington did not disappoint.

We went on a chilly Friday with my cousin Liz and her two babies, Jack and Ella.

 We started our morning checking out the petting zoo. You can pay a few dollars extra for a cup of veggies to feed the animals, so we grabbed a few and started with feeding a giraffe.

After we went through the tents of animals, we went into their kids zone to play in a sandbox full of corn kernels.

Leo loved it, but I found kernels everywhere for like 3 days!

After tons of playing and fresh air, we had lunch and then bought a dozen heavenly apple cinnamon donuts. It was a perfect day with our cousins!



Chicago Recap

We're backkkk!! 

We had such a great time in Chicago. We saw tons of family and friends, enjoyed the fall weather, and stood up in the most beautiful wedding ever.

I'm going to catch up here this week but hope everyone is doing well! 

How the hell is it almost November???


Leo is such a happier baby when he is out and busy, so after day one at home, I quickly saw that we needed to find a few baby friendly activities in order to keep him happy.

 I found "Rock'n'Kids" online, and was able to attend two classes while we are there. The classes were SO perfect, and honestly one of the better baby classes we've been to. The owner Jamie, keeps the energy up, has different sensory activities, tons of great music and books, and lots of free time for the kids to interact with each other as well.

They have classes during the week in tons of Chicago suburbs, so you should absolutely check them out!

When we weren't out at classes, we were visiting parks, taking long walks in the perfect weather, and soaking up Grandparent time.

Gia (my cousin) and her girlfriends are literally obsessed with Leo and basically came running over everyday after school to get their fix. 

Friday night was Senior night at my old high school - which was perfect since myGia is a cheerleader there and was going to be honored.

We had an early dinner at The Cottage in downtown CL, and made it back to Central in time to catch an unreal sunset.

And it was pretty cool to take Leo to "mom and dads" old stomping grounds. We even saw a few old teachers who were able to meet him!!

That Saturday morning, we walked around the lake with my parents before the Hawkeye game.

 Pretty crazy the difference a year makes....

One of my best friends Jenna drove out from the city to get a little Leo fix, and then her and I snuck away for a little lunch during Leo's nap. 

Sunday afternoon, we went to Iowa with Joel's parents to visit Leo's cousins and Aunt Lauren and Uncle Jake!

I was hoping we would catch a nap on the three hour ride there, but no such luck and it made for a verrrry long drive.

Luckily it was worth it - we had such a fun time visiting and playing, and Leo was much better on the ride home!



Must Have's

I've been using this for a week and I am....obsessed. My therapist recommended this homeopathic option for daily anxiety relief, and its been working really well. I bought it off of amazon, and I mix 4 droplets in a glass of water every morning. It has a long lasting effect throughout the day, and while its obviously not magic, I don't find my body going into these tense, anxious states as much as I had previously. I also really like that you can use this when your pregnant (not that I am), but I suffered with a lot anxiety and this would have been really nice to have had.

Etsy shop here
You probably saw this bib in Leo's birthday party recaps, but I can't stop using it. I keep this bib in my diaper bag and use it when we are out. Its cute enough to have it on him the entire dinner, its machine washable, and it folds up so tiny it doesn't take any space in my bag. When I was thinking about buying things for Leo's birthday, I didn't want to get a shirt or bib that he could only wear once, and at $20 dollars, this bib was festive enough - but still useful after his birthday bash too.

I've tried a lot of pumpkin spice coffees this season, and this one from Target is by far the best. Just sweet enough - just spicy enough - and I've been obsessed with it. It's even better than my old faithful Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice.

Image result for mickey mouse clubhouse
We've reached a point where this just has to happen. Leo is in a phase of needing to be held or entertained constantly  and even with extra hands here in Chicago to help - that just can't be done 100% of the day. Coupled with the fact that we are now down to 1 nap, I'm feeling very grateful that I'm able to by some time with the help of Mickey and his friends. I've bought one episode through itunes and so far, Leo doesn't seem to mind the repetition!


Week 1 in Chicago

Per usual we are having a great time in Chicago. Leo is getting spoiled rotten, I'm loving getting a chance to be in the fall weather, and we've spent each day catching up with friends and family.

By some amazing stroke of luck, on our flight here to Chicago we had an empty middle seat.


I've traveled quite a bit with Leo alone, but each month brings a whole new level of complications. He never sits still, so I was pretty worried that we were going to be in for an extra long flight, but I'm happy to report that he did absolutely fantastic.

Much in thanks to the extra seat - but we ate a lot, watched some mickey mouse, really enjoyed the toys and books I brought, and even gave me a 55 minute nap in the ergo!

The first two days we were home were pretty low key. Lots of walks and chili, a few play dates, and just time spent with Leo's grandparents.


Friday night we had a happy hour play date at our friends house, and then snuck home so we could see my sisters who came in for the weekend. 


Every year my mom's side of the family gets together to bake apple pies and then freeze them for the holidays. We made 12 pies this year, ate tons of food all day long, and had a blast having all of the little cousins together.



This week will hopefully be more of the same!