Low Carb Dinners

Since we got back from Chicago, we've been trying really hard to go carb free. I would say, I've been pretty good and have only really cheated two or three times in three weeks.

With Mexico on my mind, I had pretty solid motivation, but I enjoy food and cooking too much to feel like I'm constantly depriving myself. Going low-carb is actually pretty easy for me after the first few days.

Joel has been making smoothies every morning, lunch has been a protien plate, and below have been our dinners the last few weeks.

We've made quite a few of these below, twice, but everything has been so filling and flavorful, neither one of us have felt like we sacrificing much. 

MONDAY - Zuchinni Boats

 Served with jalapeno black beans and feta cheese on top. 

TUESDAY - Shrimp Mexican Cobb Salad

I tossed mine with a jalapeno ranch dressing

WEDNESDAY - Caprese Chicken

 These were my favorite of the week! I bought my glaze at Trader Joes 

THURSDAY - Greek Salad

Topped with grilled chicken - and I used a creamy feta dressing bought from Trader Joes. 

FRIDAY - Brats on the grill and a Caprese salad

SATURDAY - Salmon Burgers and Ahi Poke

 The poke is Joel's creation, but he uses sushi grade tuna bought from the seafood market.


Weekend Recap


 We had an action packed weekend but filled to the brim with family, friends, and fun....so not much to complain about! 

Friday morning we started off the day with swim lessons with Cole and Nolan.

Leo went under the water twice, and did a pretty dang good job! 

Friday afternoon we celebrated our buddy Tucker's 2nd birthday with a mickey mouse themed dinner, since they were off to Disney the next day. 

Tucker is so sweet and gentle with Leo, and mainly just watches him in awe as he squaks and squeals. 

Saturday was kind of a blur. I spent the morning with my cousin Erin and her brand new daughter Carter, and then did a workout class at Orange Theory (so fun!), and got my nails done....all while the boys held down the fort at home.

I barely saw Leo on Saturday, because Joel put him down for his afternoon nap, and we had to get ready for a night out. We had a babysitter coming at 4pm, so I literally had 22 minutes to get out of the house.

I found this cool dress at BCBG and have a feeling I'll be wearing it all summer long. 

We had a work event at The California Club downtown LA which was just spectacular. 

The evening was all about a wine festival held in Napa over the summer, on top of a beautiful location, great music, and great food....we also had some of the best wine I've ever had.

Joel and I were lucky to enough to be seated next to the winemaker, Darioush, and his wife. It was an incredible evening out and we were home pretty early which was made for an easier Sunday morning.

Sunday morning I helped out with my cousin Erin and her sweet baby Carter. It's so fun to be the "expert" all of a sudden, and feel like an old pro just seven month later! 

That afternoon, we had friends over for a BBQ so we had to get Leo dressed in his finest ;)

Beth and I had baby boys
just about two weeks apart, and its just about the best thing in the world to watch them play and interact together now. They were just so damn cute together.

Once they left, Joel and I watched another episode of OJ vs. People and then took our tired selves to bed!  


Five on Friday


 Here's a bit of a recap of our last two weeks...

::: 1 :::
The best thing that happened this week was the arrival of my new cousiniece Carter. She's absolutely beautiful and perfect, and will be Leo's sweetest best friend ever. 

::: 2 :::

We started swim lessons and it is just about the cutest thing ever. We are doing our lessons in the valley with another one of my cousins (opposite side of the family as above cousin) and his son Nolan. The class is 30 minutes, and Leo loved every minute that we were in the pool. The class seems to focus on getting the kids comfortable in the water, learning how to go under water, kicking and paddling.

Getting out of the pool is kind of a cluster though, I won't lie. I learned a pro-tip from a mom there though, so I'm excited to try it today. Her advice was to take off his suit in the pool right as you are about to get out. Trying to take off the wet suit, while drying both you and the baby off, getting both of you dressed, the whole nine yards was a little stressful. Plus, he was like instantly starving so that added a fun layer of screaming!

::: 3 :::

We've been hitting up a lot of happy hours lately, and I have to give a little shout out to this high chair. It's by Phil & Teds and its totally collapsible. It's a perfect spot for Leo because he's at our eye level, but doesn't have an awkward high chair taking up space in a tight restaurant. The only issue is not all tables are compliant, so there have been a few times when he's had to chill on our laps for dinner.

::: 4 ::: 
Speaking of baby products, we had to stick a breathable bumper in Leo's crib. Overnight, the slats on Leo's crib because the coolest toy everrrrr and he kept getting all of his limbs stuck. After 3 nights of waking up around 2am to pull his leg or arm out of it, we finally bought and installed this bumper. 

It's kind of a pain to put on, but its been really nice not have to worry about broken bones.

::: 5 :::
I'm leaving these three boys next week for the first time and I'm equal parts terrified of the heartbreak and thrilled to sleep in and be free as a bird. 
I know they'll all do great, and that its good for everyone, but it'll be weird at first. 

And yes, the Mexico sun, a cold margarita, and two of my best girlfriends will ease the blow.

do not disturb:


Chicago ::: Week 2

Joel left on Monday so that he could go back to work, and left Leo and I in Chicago for another week and a half. I miss Chicago so much while we are in Chicago, but I will say....I don't miss snow in April!

The nice part of being able to stay back in Chicago during the work week, is that, we got to just "do life". A lot of times when we go home, its such a whirlwind, but this time around, we were better about staying home more often and staying close to Leo's schedule.

Most mornings, before my dad and Nellie had to leave for work, we would all snuggle in bed and just pass Leo around.

Sometimes I would drive Nellie to the train station, and let my parents get some sweet morning time with just Leo.

During the days, my mom and I took Leo on a few errands, took him out shopping, and started to prep for a wedding shower we were hosting for that Friday. My sister Hannah took off two days from work and hung with us at my parents house too which was awesome.

My cousin Gia/Leo's Aunt Gigi, spent every free second she could with Leo, so after school, she would hang with us too.
During that week, we had a lot of happy hour visitors - which was the perfect time to have a glass of wine with friends, before Leo took his bath and went up to bed.


I always tried to save bath time for when Nellie got home from the train so that she could get some time with Leo too. 

Friday night came around, and my mom, sisters and I headed into the city to throw a shower for my cousin Alex who is getting married this summer.

My dad was literally beside himself to babysit Leo for the entire night, and the two boys had a great time. He told me the next day that he was getting really into being a "Grandfather" and fell asleep with the monitor on the highest noise level so that nothing would happen on his watch. It was pretty damn cute.

Us girls had a great time at the shower.....it was such a fun night in the city, and I was so glad that we got some time downtown too.

The rest of the weekend was spent at home. Aunt Amanda came out from the city to hang with us, we went on as many cold walks as we could, and just enjoyed being together.

And yes, Leo will clearly have some ego issues to work through when he gets older.

It's never easy to leave, but we were happy to get back home to Joel and Roscoe - and its always easier leaving knowing that you're coming back soon!