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 Work It Girl

Well, if there is anything I'm noticing from taking these daily pictures is that I own A LOT of black and white. And - when I look back at all of my posts, I think there is room for some accessories. Scarves, necklaces, bracelets - but I do need to mix it up to add some pizzaz.

Target Top & Pants, TB wedges.  

Before an eye doc appointment
J.Crew dress & Cardigan, Michael Kors sandals

Veronica M. Tunic, J.crew leggings, Toms wedges

J.crew sweater, Gap pants, TB wedges

Gap top, H&M Blazer, J.crew Minnies & wedges


Weekend Recap


Why do weekends slip away so fast? This weekend was glorious, and busy, and I could use just one day to chill. I wish I had more pictures to show for all the fun we had, but the only good one I snapped on my phone was the goody above. I think I have a few more on my nice camera, but I'll have to check that later.

Friday Joel and I met up with my cousin and her boyfriend at Gjelina in Venice. The wine was so good, and our food was pretty awesome too, but I just love the vibe of Gjelina. It's a must-see if you are ever visiting. Plus, we got the good news that I have another cousin moving out to LA!

Saturday we prepped for Easter and had our friend Matt stay the night with us. We walked into Westwood Village for Mexican and after a few margs, Matt whipped out the Tinder app and showed us what that goodness is all about.

Sunday we had eight people over for brunch and just ate and drank and caught up with our friends. It was a great Easter, and I still can't get over that we just celebrated EASTER. Wasn't it just Christmas?


Friday Five ::: Easter Edition

::: 1 :::
 Easter weekend.

For me Easter is the first day of the year where it's acceptable to bring out the white pants and pastel colors. I love seeing everyone's Easter best. I'm thinking about wearing my new black and white graphic pants but I haven't nailed down a top yet. 

::: 2 :::

This year we are having a group friends over for Easter brunch. It will be very casual and I'm basically recreating my menu from last year; Egg and Sausage casseroles, bagels and lox, deviled eggs, banana bread and blueberry lemon bread, and a fruit salad. And lots of flowing mimosa's.

 Now that we have a bigger dining room table, I'm hoping I can make it look a little cuter.

 And lots of flowing mimosa's.

::: 3 :::
 Twigs, white mums and light blue eggs create a gorgeously, understated Easter table. Beautiful crafts, recipes and more can be found at http://www.paaseastereggs.com/index.php
I didn't decorate for Easter at all this year, and I don't feel like spending a ton of money this year either. I'm going to stop at Target for a few fun items and maybe a table runner, and besides some fresh flower from Trader Joe's we are keeping it simple and easy.

::: 4 :::
I'm pretty sure the only Easter basket I'm getting was already sent by my mom last week, but I may treat myself to a few Easter goodies if I get some time this weekend to sneak away to do a little shopping. I really want to get some fun crystal necklaces to jazz up my work clothes during the week.

::: 5 ::: 
Easter is a really special day for us because it was the day we got Roscoe. Well, we got him the day before, but Easter was our first full day with him. It was such a scary day with a new puppy at home, and just like that - two years have gone by.


Have a great weekend and fantastic Easter! 
Spring time-- this weather is such a tease today! But I love it, definitely running outside!!(:


Must Have's

::: Hair Nets :::
Shower caps are great for putting your (dirty and dusty) shoes in when you travel.
Yet another reason to start stealing from hotels.

::: Summer Shoes :::
I'm not really a shoe person, but here comes a #2 shoe must have.

I wear the same shoes all the time, and I wear them to death. Most of my shoes have been in my closet for at least 5 years. With Europe coming up, I knew I needed sturdy shoes that I didn't mind walking around in all day/ruining
I bought both and I am OBSESSED. Both are really comfortable, cute, and go with 99% of my wardrobe. The Toms wedges are incredibly comfortable and absolutely adorable with both dresses and pants. I was really surprised by how much I liked them. The converse (Fancy Ox version) should be the ideal walking shoe, I just need to break them in a bit 

 :::Bagels, Bagels, and more Bagels:::
I can't keep bagels in my house because I would eat them for every meal, but since I'm hosting Easter brunch, you better believe I'll be indulging these bad boys. My all time favorite breakfast = bagel, lox and a large mimosa.


::: The Perfect Chair :::
Adirondack Chair Wine Glass Holder by winebarrelproducts #Chair #Wine_Glass Holder
This entire picture just takes me to my happy place.

  This is a 21 day, free mediation challenge. Every day, you get an email with a 20 minute recording/pod cast of Deepak leading you  through mediation/quiet time. There are so many benefits to just twenty minutes of centering your head and thoughts, and this is one of the best led meditations I've ever listened to. Yesterday was my first day, but I really recommend signing up if you are looking for a way to relax and center.

::: Red Stamp App:::

Thanks to my girl, April, all of my Easter Brunch guests received their texted invitations in style.
The app is free and lets you customize invitations and then it saves them in your photo roll to send out to your friends. Another seriously smart invention that I wish I would have thought of first!


My (current) Favorite Salad

I went to my girlfriend Laura's house last week to "Paris Plan". Laura is a Paris expert and I wanted to run through our schedule with her so she could recommend fantastic restaurants and walk me through transportation and logistics of traveling in France.

After some wine and cheese, Laura whipped up this salad and it blew my friggen socks off. I've literally made it 3 times since last Thursday, and decided last night that I just had to share this goodness with all of you.

The Goods:

Prepped butternut squash - This is from Trader Joes. Keep your life simple
Candied walnuts
Blue Cheese

3 parts balsamic vinegar
2 parts olive oil
1 part honey 

1. Pre-heat oven to 475. In a dish, toss squash with olive oil, salt and pepper. 


2. Bake for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. I like the squash blackened, so cook to your liking. 
 3. Whisk dressing
4. Combine arugula, walnuts, cheese, and slightly* cooled squash, toss with dressing

Easy as that.  

 It's a really easy salad and even Joel approved of just having this salad as our entree entree for dinner. I think the warm squash really helps beef up the dinner. You will love this. Enjoy!


Work Wear

Work It Girl

 jcrew black shirt, max studios pants, bandolino shoes
Totally forgot to take a picture!
Jcrew sweater, Loft skirt, Ivanka Trump heels
top from local boutique, jcrew minnies, jcrew shoes
Gap top, old navy sweater, AG jeans, Tory Burch flats


Weekend Recap

Weekends have an entirely new meaning to me now that I'm in an office all week long. It's literally like 60 precious hours that cannot be wasted.

Poppin bottles

Friday after work I made a trip to Target to pick up a few things we "needed" and I of course got side tracked by these cute ankle pants. The quality feels better than what you would think, and I think I'll be able to wear these bad boys all summer long. For $25 bucks, I'm going to make them work.

We had friends get engaged on Friday, so we met them for celebratory drinks at Coast in Santa Monica before we came home and made pizzas for dinner.

Saturday I hit the pavement for the first time in probably 3 weeks. It's a lot easier for me to wake up and go to a workout class than it is to go outside in my neighborhood and run. I did a little over 5 miles, and it was hard, but felt so, so good.

There really isn't a better workout than a long, hard run. I'm even tossing around ideas of a half, but I'm just so scared that I'll give up before crossing the finish line. Only after 5 miles, my legs were zonked and I snuck in a needed, hour long nap.


Saturday night we decided last minute to join some friends for the Angels game. Is there anything better than beer and baseball at sunset on a Saturday night?


It was the first baseball game I've been to since moving to California and I forgot how much I love them.  

I didn't love eating all the shit we did, but I'm trying to push that out of my mind. On Sunday, we hiked, ran errands, cleaned, did laundry, and cooked an amazing dinner. We were both pretty exhausted through it all, but it feels so good to have it all done.

This is a short week for us since we have Good Friday off work, so until then, we're keeping ourselves busy with workouts and clean eating before another weekend filled with friends, good food, and Easter brunch!
I need to remember this.


My #1 Must Have

When I was in Mexico, I kept noticing this girls amazing lip color. Night after night her lips were like the perfect shade. She laughed and told me it was called Pout (Forever Yours) from Victoria's Secret.

I finally picked some up last weekend and OH. My. God. I'm obsessed.

I don't take good selfies, but this gives you an idea of the initial glossiness.

This damn stuff stays on my lips all day long. I took this picture at 5pm right as I was leaving the office. I had two cups of coffee and lunch - and never reapplied throughout the day. It leaves the perfect tint - even 8 hours later.

The lip gloss is $6.00 and it is a SERIOUS must have. Trust me on this one!


10 Things

stop waiting
 This is such a true reminder. Waiting for the weekend for "fun" or to be yourself, is such a waste of our precious time. Since I found this sign on Pintrest, I've really tried to find the good parts of the work week, because there are so many, and sometimes I even like work weeks better than the weekend. I like the routine, the similarities, and the stability that Monday thru Friday give you. 

10 that make me happy every single week

a full DVR
 The best shows happen during the week, and I make a point to watch them. I can normally sneak in one trashy show after I've cooked dinner, while I wait for Joel to come home and it's my favorite time of the day. I have a glass of wine, the house is quiet, my jobs are done, and I can just sit and enjoy my show. 

I really do love coffee, and during the work week I mix up the type of coffee I drink. I allow myself to go to Starbucks twice a week to get a soy latte - which is my favorite of all of my coffee drinks. If I do a workout class in the morning, I'll get a coffee at restaurant in my office building - and I'll just add foamed skim milk to vanilla coffee. And, if I'm home and have enough time for my coffee at home, I just do Dunkin Donuts coffee out of my keurig with vanilla almond milk. I look forward to coffee every night. 
meal planning 
I really love cooking. It gives me a bizarre amount of relaxation and satisfaction to cook and have good meals for Joel and I throughout the week. We eat so much better when I plan out our lunches and dinners, and save a lot of money. Every lunch hour that I have a yummy quinoa salad, I remember why I take the time to do it.

Every single night, without fail, I take a bath before I go to bed. It relaxes my mind and gets my body ready to sleep. I use aveeno's stress relief foaming bath and I have been sleeping so much better at night. I fall asleep right away and don't wake up as many times in the night.

checking the mail
I seriously love getting the mail. I never know what I'm going to find. Even the silly Pottery Barn catalog gets me excited.

workout classes
This is probably the number one thing that gets me through the week. They keep me feeling good, and energized and they keep the week moving. I like to different classes throughout the week to mix it up. On Monday this week Joel and my friend Kristin, and I did a 6am bootcamp. It sucked waking up super early, but I actually loved having it done so early. And it made my Monday a lot better than normal. 

phone dates
 During the week is the only time I really get to catch up with my sisters and friends back in Chicago. I try to talk to someone every single day. It's the only way to really stay in each other's daily lives, and I miss them like crazy. I like to walk the dog and talk to them before I get dinner going - or when I'm stuck in traffic. 

hitting 10,000 steps
During the work week I really keep an eye on my pedometer since I'm sitting at my desk for 8 hours a day. I park on the 4th floor and always take the stairs to try and rack up steps, and I play little games like that every single day to try and sneak in as many steps as I can. I am very guilty of only getting 3,000 steps in a day if I'm not carefully watching.

being at work
I really like the whole process of going to work. I like getting ready in the morning, I like packing up my car and the energy I have in the morning to have a productive day. I love working with my admin who I share an office with, and I live for the days that I have a great day at work.

I spent most of my teen and twenty years thinking perfection was the secret to happiness. Boy, was I wrong. It's in the imperfect, spontaneity of life that wonderful resides.


Work Wear

          Work It Girl

I'm pretty sure last week was our last week where temperatures are going to drop under 60 for the next long while. I decided to take advantage and get some wear out of a few last winter-y pieces before I start busting out the white jeans and pastels.

Michael Kors turtleneck, Ann Taylor vest, Gap Pants, Ivanka Trump heels

 Forever 21 tunic, Target leggings, Ivanka Trump boots

I had an out of office meeting and decided to formalize it up a little
J.crew button down, Lord & Taylor skirt, Bandolino shoes

Not crazy about this look but after soulcycle I need as little as clothing as possible. I'm on the hunt for easy cotton dresses so if you know a good spot, help a girl out.
Old Navy sweater, H&M dress, TB wedges

I'm obsessed with this top and wish I would have gotten it in multiple colors. Old Navy did me some good, so I might make a trip back there in the next few weeks. 
Old Navy top, J.Crew minnies, TB Wedges