It's been a while since I've blogged. I've thought about blogging a lot, and then it never happened. Story of my life as of late.

Update #1 - Girls weekend

My girls from Iowa came in this weekend. Jamie, my freshman year random roommate turned BFF, wasn't able to make it, which was sad, but we forged on. On Friday, me and the twins headed downtown to meet up with Sara, Lauren, and Amy to grab dinner and hit the town. For dinner we deiced to just walk around and ended up in the heart of Boys Town. It was pretty funny to see the Iowa girls eyes get pretty big!

We ended up hitting the bars in my new hood which made me really excited. We had a great time and I took way too many jello shots.

Update #2 - Graduation Party
On Sunday, we celebrated my college graduation party. It was a perfect day, if not a little on the hot side (at a warm 90 degrees), but we had a tent and fans, and everyone was just fine. Everything turned out great. 60 people showed up and I felt surrounded by love all day. After opening all of my presents and cards, I am truly thankful for so much generosity.

Update #3- Moving
Our moving date is fast approaching. Seeing as this is our first place, we have nothing. I have found a 2 person desk, and kitchen island, but we have a lot more to go. Tomorrow we are making a huge trip to Ikea and I can't wait to update you with all the luck we have. Cross your fingers!

Update #4- Real Life HouseGirlfriend
I need to work on my Housegirlfriend job. I don't know how to cook, clean, do laundry, pay bills, wash floors, do crafts, sew, paint, etc. I need to start practicing all of this before I move in with Joel.

Tonight I plan to make this.

Hopefully it will turn out okay and taste good - especially since I don't know how to use the grill so I will be putting it on the stove.

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