Weekend Recap

Chicago has skipped right over Spring, and decided to just go right into Summer. 


With that being said, I feel like it's been a mad dash to get Spring cleaning and everyone's yards and flowers are no where near ready. 

On friday, Joel and his dad mulched about half of our yard, and while Leo tried to help, Drew and I kept an eye on the patio.


We had turkey burgers and salad with Joel's parent, watched the Cubs game, and called it a night.

Saturday morning after breakfast and coffee in bed (my ALL TIME favorite weekend treat), Joel and I went for a 3.5 mile run with the kids in the double bob stroller. 

We got home and I quickly showered and got ready for my cousins baby sprinkle in Park Ridge.

After her adorable sprinkle, my sister Hannah and cousin Amanda and her husband Andrew came into Crystal Lake to celebrate my birthday with me.

We had happy hour outside, then got the kids ready, and escaped for an amazing dinner in downtown CL.


After dinner we had am Uber driver pick us up and we paid him $30 bucks to take us to The Freeze - the best ice cream shop that just recently opened up for the season - for an after dinner treat. 

We came home and watched Sebastian Maniscalo the comedian on Netlix and then crawled into bed right before midnight. 

Image result for Sebastian Maniscalco

Sunday morning we took a quick walk over to my parents before Amanda and I went into Naperville for our girlfriend Sara's baby shower.


We had a great afternoon celebrating her and her soon-to-arrive daughter, and then once I got home, Joel and I took the kids over to my parents for Sunday night dinner. 

We had an awesome dinner, great bottle of wine, and banana cake and presents to celebrate my 30th birthday that lands on this Tuesday! 

It was a slammed and fun weekend - a precursor for a slammed and super fun week ahead - so here goes nuthin! 



  1. You all always pack so much fun into your weekends! Happy 30th birthday eve!!!

  2. That sign cracks me up! What a great weekend and wishing you a very happy birthday!!