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Voiceless blog.

That's right readers (bahaha, if they're are any) ((I humor myself)). I've gone from infestation of the swine, to straight up voiceless. And let me tell you, voiceless teachers don't get very far. Why voiceless you may be wondering. We had a Tyrrell invasion this weekend here in good 'ol Iowa City, with an unbelievable HAWK WIN. Wow!.

Amanda, my most wonderful cuz, and her bf Andrew came to visit. Also, little 16-year-old Nellie had her first college experience as well. Unfortunately she is now home with 102.0 degree temp and chills. Clearly, she is not prepared yet.

Overall we had a really great, stress free, late nights, bad food, no sleep, typical family weekend!

Tyrrell Sista's

Well isn't that nice! ha

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