Those that know me will know exactly how much I adore this pic

The big 15k race was today. 9,000 runners in attendance. Not including me.

For the past two weeks I've been sick. Started with H1N1, turned into an Upper Respiratory Infection, and has left me with a pulled muscle (*hopefully not a splint rib) in my rib cage from all my coughing. All of this equals= no 9 miles. Really disappointing. Hoping in a few weeks to pick back up and complete a Thanksgiving morning turkey trot.

On the bright side, I had a great weekend at home. Our Halloween was as perfect as they get. We made pumpkin cupcakes, carmel apples, a white chicken chili, played board games, and watched the HAWKEYES kick butt against Indiana. All in all, being home was just what the doc ordered.

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