Florida Day Outfits

I can't wait to start packing tomorrow! The week is whizzing by and the weather has been making me so happy with the spring breeze and loads of sunshine.

These are the types of outfits that I want to wear for the day time - shopping, walking, sunset cocktail, lunch-time, etc. Reality is that I'll probably end up in my swim cover-up for the whole day, but maybe one of the days I can pull together a cute look life the following :)


Outfit #1: Top- Tory Burch, Shorts - Tory Burch, Shoes - Sam Eldman (??)
Outfit #2: Top - Forever 21 Skirt - Forever 21 Shoes - Jcrew
Outfit #3: Top - Milly Shorts - Joe's Jeans Shoes - Tory Burch

*I personally hate to wear the same designer from head to toe and it sort of makes me cringe that on both outfit #1 & #2 I did that. Just had to throw that out there!

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