So-So progress

2-day progress report:

  • I did workout both yesterday morning and this morning. I woke up at 5:55 and was able to get out the door at 6:15. It requires me to be outrageously organized the night before - but that is something I'm pretty good at. I lay out my breakfast (an Emergen-C, english muffin, organic peanut butter, a clementine, and green tea) in pack-able containers. I heat it all up at work. I lay out my workout clothes, and pack my work clothes in a gym bag. My lunch is packed and ready to go in the fridge.
  • In the morning, I groggily throw my clothes on, pop a few blueberries in my mouth, and head on my way. I can get in 38 (<< ocd) minute workouts. Yesterday I walked up hill for 30 minutes and ran for 8. This morning I walked up hill for 19 minutes, ran for 6, and lifted weights for the last 10.
  • I have almonds as my snack until lunch
  • My lunches are packed the night before too, and are healthy...but somehow something naughty always sneaks in. For example: 1. testing has been going on at school, therefore the pta brought in tons of snacks 2. it's always someones birthday 3. today, someone just happened to pick me up a big sugar cookie which was too delicious to pass up
  • Dinner was okay....I had fruit and a steak sandwich. I ordered it from our country club and they put too much butter on the bread, but it's not like I complained ;)
Wow - That has to be more than you cared to read about! Weekends are always hard for me but I'm going to try to be disciplined. Happy Friday!

Okay, that is like self-torture. How rude of myself!!

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