Christmas House Tour

In our condo almost all of our living space is one great room, so I put the majority of Christmas decorations in here.

Come on in...

I like to swap out the bathroom towels with seasonal goodies, and change out all the candles so that it smells as much like Christmas as it looks.

Since Joel and I are alone on Christmas, I'm also trying to add some fun traditions to start this year. I picked up some fun holiday mugs for coffee this month - and I'm hoping to find some decorative platters for festive dining too.

 It's sometimes feels expensive and wasteful to stock up on this type of stuff when the holiday season is so short, but both Joel and I look forward to coming home every night to all of the festive-ness.

 I remember being so excited when my mom pulled out the decorations, so little by little I hope to keep stocking up and building my collection.


  1. The house looks very merry! I agree, I don't like to buy a lot when it's only used for a short amount of time. However, going into Target in their seasonal section gets me every year!

  2. Looks good! I think of it as an investment because even though it's just a month or a two a year, its for the rest of your life! I love decking the halls too.

  3. Everything looks beautiful! Hope your having a great week love! xoxo

  4. Everything looks so cute!I love your tiny stocking for the puppy!!

  5. Tess YOur home is to die for SO Festive =) Simply Sutter

  6. First time visiting! I love your decor! I really want to decorate but haven't had time with a new baby! :) Maybe when we eventually get a bigger house I'll take the time to invest in some good decorations!

  7. the house looks so festive and fun!!!!

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  9. You have beautiful house. It's feel like I'm visiting your house right now.

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