Five on Friday


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The Big Boo Cast, Episode 46

A few friends recommended listening to The Big Boo Cast podcast, and to those that did, thank you! They have been just what I needed this week. If you haven't listened, I will say, this podcast probably isn't for everyone because its basically two girlfriends catching up on the most random of things, but I love it. I find it cheerful, adorable, light-hearted and fun.

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The perfect Summer reads for your Memorial Day weekend! #BeachReads #summervibes:
Since now I have them to love on, I really want to find a book to dive into. I haven't read a good book in months and I'm missing them!! Nothing has really caught my fancy and I have started and not finished the last few books I read (Truly, Madly, Guilty (!!!) , Nest, and The Weekenders). Anyone read anything easy and fun lately? 

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After the initial "new"-ness that came with the New Year, which ended for me like on Wednesday, I actually found it quite depressing. For the last 3 weeks, my house has been filled to the brim with people, places to be, people to see, and these last few days felt like a balloon getting the air sucked out. Plus, we knocked out lots of dentists and doctors appointments to just get them over with, so that is never super fun either!

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Juliette Upholstered Bench
I'm pretty obsessed with this new beauty that will be living with us! I needed a bench for the end of our bed and after I spotted this one, here from Joss and Main, nothing else would compare! 

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May the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation. #quote #quoteoftheday #inspiration:

Happy first weekend of 2017 



  1. Love the bench and of course Leo is cute as ever!

  2. Love your new bench! I will have to listen to that podcast, sounds like a good one! And I always think the first week of January is depressing after the holidays!

  3. Love that new bench!! Saving that podcast to listen to. I've been trying to listen to them during naptime or when I'm cleaning or doing mindless tasks. I couldn't finish Truly, Madly Guilty either. It as awful. I just finished the third book in the Elin Hilderbrand Winter Street series, not sure if you've read those yet but they're good easy reads. The Nest was next on my list- not worth it?

  4. Just started Truly Madly Guilty and can't get into it at all! I sooo need some new lighthearted pre-bed reads. So with you about the January funk I feel like we need to book a trip or something! AND- also I am so at the wedding planning is stress not fun point, if people don't stop asking where we're getting married or if we've set a date I am going to Lose.My.Mind! ;)

  5. A few good reads lately (all YA-ish, so don't judge. Can't handle anything too deep over the holidays.) Everyone Brave Is Forgiven by Chris Cheave, Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum, Paper Princess by Erin Watt, and The Singles Game by Lauren Weisenburger (maybe...I think? Same author as Devil Wears Prada) If you liked the Nightingale by Kristin Hannah then I think you would love Everyone Brave. If you didn't like the Nightingale you may still like it - I liked it more.
    Also, Leo is the cutest and I want to squish him!

  6. i read the good girl over the break. its pretty good. easy read. leo is so adorable. even at the dreaded 15 mo check-up!

  7. I am replying to my own comment because I just remembered The Heiresses (Sarah Shephard) was a really quick easy read. It's not at all highbrow but kinda beach read? I liked The Good Girl, and I haven't read 'Everyone Brave', but I did read Little Bee by Chris Cleave and it has stuck with me for *years*. The last book I read was 'The Real Liddy James', and it wasn't exactly Shakespeare but I finished it in two days so.....

  8. I know they are really popular but I have a hard time sticking with Liane Moriarty books. I just read The Storied Life of AJ Fikry and it was cute and quirky! Are you on Good Reads?