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::: is clearly a little crazy, and I just literally cannot find the 30 minutes to upload thoughtful blog posts. But, so is life, and since I want to have some posts to look back on and remember this summer...you're probably going to get a lot of my streaming thoughts for the next few months.

::: I tried Froze for the first time after multiple friends have said it's basically life changing....and I'm not a fan. Way too sweet.

::: We had a busy weekend doing tons of house updates. We added some plants, a new screen door (that cost a small fortune, almost caused us to kill each other, AND came shipped without paint). However, the patio Gods must've been throwing us a solid, because our neighbor and friend had 6 pretty chairs that they put out on their driveway....which I very quickly scooped up. 

::: I have to take some pictures of the deck - we stained it and added this new couch (Leo and I were watching the clouds), and it's really coming together. 

::: My girlfriend Sara got these little shirts for the kids at my baby sprinkle and I've been dying to have both of the kids in them. 


::: We typically spend Sunday nights at my parents house for Sunday dinner and now that they're right at the water, we've been going over right after nap to let the kids watch the boats and play in the sand. It's so relaxing and calm, I literally told Joel that we needed to just sit and soak in the moment because it was so idyllic

::: I finally bought Drew's "easter present".....worst mom ever award?? I had wanted to get her her own monogrammed tote bag, but then just never got around to it so she never really got an Easter present. Whoops! But, Lands End had a great memorial day sale (50% off), so I finally scooped up her bag for $20 bucks!  Better late than never. 

Image result for lands end pink tote

::: Speaking of Drew....she started kind of-ish sitting this weekend and is showing SO much interest in wanting more than just milk, so we tried a little Oatmeal this week (she is 5.5 months) and it went great!  

::: Another bomb chopped salad - shrimp burrito bowls.

::: Leo started swim lessons last week. The first session he scream cried for the entire thirty minutes.  His last lesson was SO much better. He was a happy camper for the first 20, but then the back floats sort of sent him over the edge. Regardless, I was really happy to see some improvement and I hope when we start them twice a week, he'll get even more comfortable in the water.  

::: This week I started playing tennis in the mornings from 9-10. It's a fast paced drill and it is SO much fun. I think it's made more fun that I have a babysitter at the house now from 8:30-10:30, but it is such a treat. I've been riding my bike, and just having the absolute best time. One morning a week the sitter is going to stay until noon so that I can run some additional errands, but it's a pretty lovely set up! 

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  1. Sounds like you all have been busy and your parents place sounds so nice! Good luck with the swim lessons, once he's comfortable in the water it will get so much better.