Our Decked Halls (& our Christmas Baby)

Our Christmas baby is ONE.

HOW is this possible? 

To think back to last year at this time, checking into the hospital, having the IV placed like six times before they could get it, walking into the OR while Joel was still in the bathroom, having the surgeons sing me Christmas carols, to hearing the LOUDEST cry while my doctor told me Drew was officially here with a head full of dark curls.....and truly, since last year on December 21st at 7:59am, our lives were forever changed.


Drew has brought SO much joy. She was our missing piece and she is just the apple of all of our eyes. She has the sweetest energy, biggest smile, and overall love for people and life, and she makes everything better.

And now, somehow, SHE'S ONE! 


And since last year I sort of just went through the motions of all things Christmas (....see above!), this year has been even better. I love our house at Christmas time and I'm not ready to take all of the stuff down either! I wish we could keep Christmas decorations up until Spring! 

For the most part, I kept things from last year, the same - you can see last years here - but there have been a few changes to the house and furniture throughout the year, so a few things did switch up. 

So come on in! 


We did add garland on the second floor balcony which I really love. I like having some Christmas lights up stairs - and it's really pretty when you walk in the front door as well. 


Right when you come in, to your right we have our living room and dining room. 

We keep a tree in here where I keep some of our sparkly, nicer ornaments. 



I found this table cloth at Hobby Lobby that I have loved - it gives me a major Ralph Lauren vibe, and it hides the fact that our table top desperately needs to be refinished! 



I love having the Christmas cards displayed in the kitchen - just string and mini clothespins, and it's such a cute display. 

The kids each of Christmas books displayed in their rooms, along with mini flocked trees, and we put Christmas lights (and a felt Christmas tree) down in the basement, which I love. I actually think I'm going to keep the Christmas lights up all year down there....it adds a lot of light and coziness! 



  1. If I haven't told you how much I love how open your living area is, I am now. ;)

    Also YAY for being able to see all your pics on my desktop! I'm shocked!

  2. And duh....Happy FIRST birthday to Drew!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet Drew! I love your home for the holidays; it is so festive! The lights downstairs are so cute, and I love your Christmas card display!

  4. Catching up on your blog! Your sweet words about Drew remind me so much of how we feel about SC. Such precious, precious children!