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AHHH!!!!! Joel got an interview at the company he's been dealing with since March! Okay, I'm trying not to completely freak out in excitement, mainly because it's not a job (YET) and because I need to keep my cool for both him and myself, but I'm just dying inside! I'm so excited for Joel. It's a great Fortune 500 company, with a great reputation, and well recieved buisness to start your career. It will be a decrease in pay from his current job, but it has so much more potential for growth and its in the field, sales, he ultimately wants to be in. The interview is tomorrow at 9am. Please pray!


Living in Chicago has been a whirlwind. I lived at home for 7 months, and it was probably the slowest 7 months of my life. I loved having the opportunity to be with my mom and dad (and I really miss them), but I didn't have much of a social life. Since living downtown (all 8 days of it) my life has been packed full of friends, plans, work, errands, resturants, bars, parties, etc. It's been such a needed, refreshing, fun change and I feel like this is the place I should be at the ripe age of 22.

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  1. We may be moving to Chicago in a year, depending on where Ty does his residency. I can't wait to hear about your adventures there.