Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you sweet readers. I want to sincerely thank everyone that commented yesterday with words of encouragement and well wishes. While this is a fun time, no doubt, it comes with a lot of heartache and it’s so amazing to feel like I have friends all over the place rooting for my success.

With all of the stress of the move, I haven’t been focusing on what I’m thankful for, and what I’m loving in my life right now. What better day than today than to reflect on the sweet things that are goin’ on?

1. I’m loving that I woke up this morning to a bottle of champagne tied with a dog collar as a bow. I’ve been telling Joel that I may need a puppy when we move to LA, and I thought that was the sweetest gesture.

2. I’m loving the way my parents are handling this entire situation. Both of my parents are so excited and thrilled for us, and outstandingly supportive, they won’t focus on anything but the positive.….I mean, my mom is even driving with me across the country. If I didn’t have such support from them, I would be a true train wreck. I’m learning such a lesson in being a good parent during this time of my life.

3. I am loving that my friends are taking such good care of me. Bringing me cupcakes, helping me pack, being a shoulder to lean on, and taking me and Joel in as house guests. Everyone’s sweet texts, and phone calls, and emails, have just made me feel so freaking loved.

4. I am loving that my bosses were beyond understanding, supportive, and even jealous, that Joel and I are making this huge life change. I wasn’t able to give them 2 full weeks of notice, and that really pained me, but they understand the short time frame we are under and couldn’t have handled the rocky news any better. I’m going to miss them so much.

5. I am loving that I get to redecorate a new house!! I’ve got both of the bedrooms new bedding options. I’m dying over both looks, and I can’t wait to put together a new house.

Master Bedroom

Guest Room
 6. I am loving that I’m getting some LEGIT use out of my Erin Condren planner.

7. I am loving that today is Valentine’s Day. I know that it’s a hallmark holiday, but I love Holidays. I don’t care how stupid they are (well, okay, I don’t really like President’s Day), but any excuse to go out, wear pink and red, and celebrate is fine with me.

8. I am loving that I’m not going to have to wear winter boots again for a long time!

9. I am loving that I have enough time left in Chicago to say goodbye to my friends and family. I’m fitting in lots of dinners, drinks, and parties….and while it will NOT be good for my waistline, or checkbook, I’m soaking up these last couple of weeks as best as I can.

10. I am loving that my aunt is joining my mom and I on our road trip to California. My mom and I would have had fun, but we would have gotten on each other’s nerves, so having my aunt in the car will add to fun and adventure!


  1. Aw. The dog collar around the bottle warms my little dog mama heart. Love this post and love you!

    P.S. Excited for Girl and the Goat!

  2. Lots of great things to love! And I definitely second the getting a dog. I don't know what I would do without Sammy sometimes and I think it's because of him, that I haven't gotten depressed when there would've been times I should've been. Plus they make ya so happy. :)

    That's awesome how supportive everyone in your life is being. And a road trip with your Mom and Aunt sounds like SO much fun!

    Can't wait to see and hear about all the new adventures you'll have in LA!

  3. I'm so glad that a midst all of the changes you're focusing on all of the positives! I can't wait to see your new puppy and home decor :-)

  4. Love this list! And the collar gift...I think that means you HAVE to get a dog now!

  5. I ordered an Erin Condren planner! Can't wait for it to arrive!