On Saturday night I had 30 of my nearest and dearest friends to send Joel and I off to California with a bang.

I was just so touched by all of the well wishes, sweet gifts, caring cards, and big, big hugs.

We had a back room at Theory in River North and Joel had a few bottles of champagne waiting for us upon arrival to cheers our night!


Even some of my college girlies made the trip from Iowa to Chicago for one night to give me their love. 

And my Chicago besties got Joel and I a going away gift.....and they sure do know me well.....because we they gifted us with a dinner at Villa Blanca. How cute is that?!


I really can't describe how loved I feel by my friends in Chicago. I'm going to miss them so much, but I know that when I'm lonely in California I will have endless amounts of love and support from the great Midwest.



  1. Thoughts and prayers to you and Joel on your journey!!!!! I awarded you the liebster award on my blog - I hope that once you get settled in LA and start blogging about your awesome experiences you'll grab a few new followers! Best of Luck!!!

  2. Good luck with the move and when you are ready for that puppy, I've got the perfect rescue group for you! ;)

  3. I'm jealous you're moving to LA. I'm sad that I have two trips scheduled to Chicago this spring/summer and can't meet you for coffee. I am in love with that yellow dress on you!!!