Weekend Report

We have gotten so used to the California sun that when it decides to go into hibernation, we follow suit.

On Friday night I took a stab at making steaks on the stove. I bought two really nice, and thick Ribeye steaks, marinated them in salt for a little over an hour, and seared them in a dry frying pan. They're not as good as grilled steaks, but so much easier than lighting up our charcoal. And, my two dinner guests, Joel and his co-worker/our neighbor/and friend, inhaled them and promised me they were delish.

The three of us stayed up until the wee hours of the night drinking copious amounts of wine until I finally snuck away and crawled into bed without saying anything. It has turned into my seriously rude/drunk/escape mechanism and its works like a charm.

I only drink wine when I'm alone or with others. Funny ecard. Humor. E-card. E card.

Saturday I was supposed to join Joel for a trail run, but the rain and my raging headache decided it would be better for me to lounge around the house all day. Thankfully we had pre-set plans for Saturday night, otherwise I have a feeling we would have made it into bed by 6 and never would have come out.

I did rally, eventually, and decided to take a bit of a risk with a skin tight dress (for me) and leather. 

Since it's not my usual get up, I figured the best way to get comfortable with it was some cava.
My friend Laura (@LCtweets) and her husband Sean recommended dinner at Water Grill in Downtown L.A.. It took us an hour to get down there with the rain and Saturday night traffic, but after they served me my French martini, I knew it'd be worth it.

The seafood restaurant is dark, cozy, and very comfortable. We started with cocktails and Oysters which were perfect and each of us loved our entrees. I ordered the Black Cod, which was the best cod I've ever eaten.

After dinner they took us to Seven Grand - a cool, and packed whiskey bar. I'm not a whiskey drinker, so I stuck with tequila, but the walls in the bar are stocked to the brim with whiskey, and it felt very fitting to have pool tables in the center of the bar and yummy leather club chairs all around. The four of us got on so well - spending a good chunk of the time talking about parenting our dogs....and had Joel and I not gotten completely lost on the way home, probably would have continued the partying until 3 in the morning.

Sunday I finally submitted my guest list to my stationer, ordered the ties and socks for all of the groomsmen, and finalized my registries.

Also - Joel and I have gone 7 straight days without touching simple carbs. I've been really organized in keeping snacks available in the house, keeping the bread plate away from us at restaurants, and having a meal plan for the entire week.

This week's plan of attack

Surprisingly, I'm not missing them at all - and as long as I see some weight loss, I may have found my bridal diet!

10 quotes to motivate your diet!

p.s. serious question: Have you seen the most recent Olive Garden commercial? That IS Julie Bowen's voice from Modern Family, right??


  1. I'm still laughing at your "sneak out" move!

  2. Look at YOU! Looking great! :)

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  4. Yes that is Julie Bowen's voice! I am so glad someone else noticed that!

  5. You look HOT friend! That dress is crazy awesome! And I don't drink whiskey normally, but that bar looks really cool.

  6. You look amazing in that dress! I've been known to do the sneak away move a few times! And YES! Thank you, I thought that was her and was so curious why she was doing that commercial!