Portobello Pizza & No Carb Week 2

Week two is in the books and the deprivation feeling is all but gone. This weekend was a little tougher. I cheated twice; sushi rice on Friday night and 3 cookies on Saturday, but overall, I'm getting back into the routine of not eating carbs.

I'm still scared to step on the scale. If I don't see a loss, I don't want to give up, so I'm staying away and trying hard to trust the process.

I will say, it feels like I'm spending quite a bit more money at the grocery store. I'm meal planning for anywhere between4-6 days a week, and I'm easily spending about $200 bucks. I know that we would spend more at restaurants but sometimes I get a little sticker shock at the cash register!

For our dinners this week-

Monday - Mustard Chicken with a chopped brussel sprouts salad (store bought)
Ina Garten's Crispy Mustard Roasted Chicken ~ Original Recipe Calls for 1/2 Cup of Dijon and 1/2 Cup of Dry White Wine Not Buttermilk

Taco Lettuce Wraps - A wonderfully healthy, low carb alternative to traditional tacos, packed with tons of flavor and protein!

 Packed with omegas and delicious!

Friday- Cauliflower pizza  
It's the closest damn thing I can get, and Friday's I just really want pizza! 


Last week I made Portobello Pizza's (I'm obsessed), and they were DELICIOUS. I didn't follow a recipe, but I took pictures of what I did so I could re-create it again. This is a carb-free MUST.

 The Goods

5 large portobello mushrooms
1lb Italian Chicken Sausage
Marinara sauce
Shredded cheese I used a few types, any will do
Fresh Basil
Oregano, Parsley, Garlic, Salt & Pepper 

1. Preheat over to 425. With a spoon, remove the stem and hair (?) from the mushrooms, while leaving the lip exposed.

2. Cook and crumble sausage fulled, then mix in bowl with marinara, parsley, garlic, oregano, S&P. 

3. Fill caps with mixed goodness, top with cheese and fresh basil, bake for 20-25 minutes, or until cheese is bubbly

 4. Enjoy!


  1. That portobello pizza looks amazing.

  2. Portobello pizza looks yummy! It's always so much more time consuming and expensive to eat healthier. Why do you think most of the world is so fat?! It's cheaper! I've found that the scale lies and I'm not referring to only weight gain, weight loss too. I'll step on the scale and weigh less but my clothes fit me the same as before or vice versa. The best indicator is how your clothes fit and how you feel. You're doing a great job!

    Life as I know it

  3. Yummy yummy yummy. I need to make those portobello caps ASAP. Those look delicious. And I'm still dying to make the cauliflower pizza. When I get home, Ill get back in the routine.

  4. I really like your idea of just cutting out the breads and pastas but allowing a few cheats + fruit and wine. Makes it seem more bearable than the intense Atkins version. Everything looks delicious!

  5. I'm going to have to give this a try. I'm actually attempting your cauliflower pizza right now. To be honest, I'm scared. lol