Weekend Report

Another baby and booze filled weekend for us which promptly started with champagne before 5 at my friend Shelby's.  


I can't believe that in just 2 years our happy hours now include two baby boys - and this is just the beginning of the madness!

When I got home, Joel and I made two cauliflower pizzas (still going carb-free strong!), drank some wine and listened to music before we went to bed at 10. The TV never went on which made it feel a little more special than our average night at home. 

I'm finding that going carb-free, it just makes sense and is less tempting to just eat at home. I've spent a lot of money on groceries but we have cooked a solid dinner for the last 10 days in a row and I'm planned out to keep the kick going until Thursday!

Saturday, Joel joined Kristin and I at our Yoga Sculpt class and then the three of us grabbed 'bux and went new gym shoes shopping. The top of my right foot has been giving me some pain, so I'm hoping these new kicks give me the support I need.
We had Kristin, Brent, Dawn, and Max over on Saturday for dinner. We grilled out which kept things easy and served my new favorite cocktail - Moscow Mules.


 We grilled brats and had a cucumber salad and blue cheese coleslaw that Dawn brought so dinner was easy and fun. For a good chunk of the night, the five of us just sat in a circle and watched Max and Roscoe act as our live entertainment. 
 And any night that ends with S'mores (which has become a staple for us this summer) and Heads Up is a good night in my book. 

Sunday was my rest day, and again, I took it literally. LA was lovely and gray all day long and I was just in Heaven. Joel and I went to a "foot spa" - basically a cheap thai massage that is heavenly - and then did laundry and cooked chili for dinner.  

I was a little melancholy at the thought of going back to grind again today but we have a few fun things planned; tennis, concert at the beach, and a pool day - so things are looking up.  


  1. Girl! I can already tell a difference in your photos from you doing a carb free diet. I need to get my butt in gear.

  2. I'm loving all your baby filled weekends :) Make us one!! JK. Enjoy yourself for now! Plenty of time to make babies. I wish you would come over and make me a cauliflower pizza?? Pizza is one of those things I never make myself because it's always our lazy meal when we order in!

  3. I admire you, carbs are my ultimate weakness! Love all the baby pics too