Five on Friday

Whoa.....has this week exhausted anyone else? Now I truly understand how the holidays really do get stressful. With every nap, I've tried to run a million errands, wrap gifts, get the house ready for guests, blah blah blah......so no big surprise.....I landed myself with a cold.

Between all of that though, my mom was here this week which was such a blast. She's actually the only reason I got anything done, but we've been running around like wild banchies moving her into the condo my parents rented and fitting in lots and lots of Coco and Leo time before the rest of my family gets in.

::: 1 ::: 

This summer my parents decided to rent a condo in LA for the holidays and thru January, and I went on the hunt to find a good spot for them. They wanted to be in a condo building with amenities, and I feel like we struck gold. The apartment is in Marnia Del Rey, about 20 minutes from my house, and is super updated and clean and beautiful. It's been so fun to hang there during the day, and I know it will be even more fun when my sisters and dad get into town.

::: 2 :::

I was so excited to have my mom join us for our weekly baby sensory class because Leo is so dang cute in the class. I was a little bummed because our teacher was out and the sub kind of sucked, but my mom and Leo still had a blast and all of the nannies showered Leo with tons of praise which made for a very proud Grandma (and mom!).

::: 3 :::
Wednesday night, Joel was nice enough to let my mom and I sneak away for a martinis and dinner at Masto's. We had such a fun time just gabbing and we actually managed to not talk about the baby the entire time!


::: 4 ::: 

It's actually been really cold in LA lately so I've needed to pick up a few warm items for Leo. I thought I could get away with these darling booties, but omg they suck. I think they stay on his feet for 10 seconds. Do you have a warm shoe/sock/boot option that actually stays on? Is the Ugg boot worth it? What about those snap booties? Let me know if you have wisdom to share. 
  ::: 5 ::: 

Have the happiest weekend ever! 


  1. I love his facial expressions! Enjoy this time with your mom and I hope you can relax a bit!

  2. Not a mom yet, but All of my friends swear by the zutano booties. I hope I'm spelling that correctly! We live in Boston so feet totally have to be covered with our weather.

  3. He is so cute! Yes to the fleece Zutano booties! They are the only thing that stays on. Amazon has them. I need to order a new pair. That's so fun that your parents get a nice long holiday visit!

  4. Zutano booties all the way! They're fantastic and there are different fabric options since you may not need the fleece ones in LA :) Get them on Amazon :)

  5. Oh my gosh Leo is getting so big and so precious...those smiles!!! I'm obsessed with the idea that your parents rented a condo in LA for the month or two. What a fun idea and a great time for them to get out of the cold Chicago weather. The condo you found looks amazing too! Wishing your family the happiest holidays. I've been such a blog slacker with life so busy for the holidays, I'm glad I got to pop in and read this :)

  6. I live in Ohio, we have pretty cold winters, although not this year! But I never bothered with boots for my son when he was that little. I just figured, he's not walking around in the snow, so regular shoes were fine. Plus, they outgrow things so fast, I was not going to drop a lot of money on boots. My favorite shoes were the pedipeds. They were awesome and have an app to help you size their feet.