High Tea

One of my favorite holiday traditions is high tea at the Peninsula hotel - and this year my whole family was in town to do it together.

As a kid, I remember getting all gussied up for holiday tradition down in the city - our favorite being the Christmas Chicago Symphony Orchestra performances.....and I want Leo to have special events like that to look forward to every season too.  

And selfishly, is there anything better than endless tea, cold champagne and towers of divine goodies??


Leo is on a pretty pretectable schedule now, so I timed out our day so that we would take a solid nap while we were there, so for the first hour and a half I just let him sleep while we enjoyed ourselves.


And because we are all Leo obsessed, once we were finished, we had to wake up to have him soak it in and partake in a legit photoshoot.


We pushed him just a little too long, so I ended up having to feed him in some random hallway, but after he ate, he was back to his happy self. We all went to my house after tea, played games and made a big dinner before getting to sleep early in preparation for Christmas Eve


  1. What a fun thing to do! It looks so fancy I love it! Oh god I know the feeling of pushing the baby a little too far and having to whip out the boob when you didn't plan it! Luckily that's all it takes and they're back to their happy selves again!

  2. Oh my goodness he's the cutest! He's grown so much and his hair!!! Presch. I love the pic of you and Joel sitting down!

  3. Always yes to endless tea and champagne and snacks! Love the Leo photo shoot - such a fun day! Happy 2016!

  4. I can see full happiness all over your post. Those photos are gorgeous, Happy happy New Year!