Weekend Report

Seriously, I've never looked forward to weekends more than I do now. It's so nice to have Joel home with us and we packed a ton in this weekend. 

Friday night we stayed in and made a double batch of chicken meatballs so that we could get a freezer meal out of it. We've really tried to make at least one freezer meal over the weekend because it makes life so easy during the work week to just pop something in the oven. When I was done cooking, I gave Leo a bath, and then Joel put Leo down and I snuck in a really adorable moment with a glass of wine from bed. 


Saturday morning Joel was up before 5am and out running, and once Leo was up, and fed, I snuck away during his morning nap for a run and a mani/pedi. 

I still have to stop a lot during my runs, but they are starting to feel better so I'm not really focusing on the time much at all - and thirty minutes to just jam out to my music leaves me feeling so refreshed for the day.

When I got home, we played with Leo and then that afternoon we decorated Christmas cookies for the cookie exchange that I hosted on Sunday.  


That night we made a ton of chili (and froze extra for another freezer meal) and had our friends over to watch the big Iowa game. 

 Isn't my little Hawkeye precious?? We were so sad to see them lose against Michigan State, but it was a great season and with their bowl game in Pasadena, it means that we may get a few visitors from back home!! 

That night we skipped Leo's bath and we were nervous it might bother his sleep schedule since it's been part of his routine and very rarely missed since he was just a peanut. Well, it most definitely didn't bother him - because he slept almost 9 hours that night! It was absolutely glorious! 

Sunday I had my 3rd annual Ornament & Christmas Cookie exchange. 

It was great to get our group of girls together and just spend the afternoon catching up. Joel took Leo to a friends house for an afternoon playdate, so the entire afternoon felt very indulgent!


I'm so mad at myself that I didn't get a group picture! I'm seriously slacking on that lately! 

Sunday night we had leftovers, watched Elf, and turned in on the early side. This is our last "normal" week before all of our winter visitors get into town. My mom is the first to arrive on Saturday and we are just about counting down the hours! 



  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend!! Little Leo is just getting cuter and cuter! Weekends are my favorite with two sets of hands to help with the kids. I used to do a cookie exchange with my girlfriends and this is the first year we aren't bc everyone is too busy with kids/life etc and I'm so sad. I'm going to miss all the cookies ;)

  2. Good job getting out on your run! It took me almost 4 months to feel really "there" on my runs again, but it was just a matter of getting the mileage in until then. Glad you had a great weekend!

  3. Precious little boy! What fun! Nice work on the freezer meals. I do that too when I can. Your cookie exchange looks fun!

  4. It looks like you had such a great time with your girlfriends and also that first picture of Leo is especially adorable. What a wonderful weekend; I agree with you that the weekends now are even more special too!

  5. Yum!! I want some of those cookies!!