Chicago ::: Week 1

For weeks before Leo and I got home, my mom started nesting. I knew she was up to something, but when we got home and saw the fruits of her labor, it made me tear up. They had a wall installed in a guest bedroom so that Leo could have his own little nook. And he loooooved it.

It was just so touching and adorable, and made us right at home.

When Joel saw it, he was nervous that Leo wasn't going to want to come home since his "room" at Coco and Papa's house is almost nicer than his at home! 

This summer will be Leo's only summer with his little nook, because while we were there - my parents also bought a new house! 

The house is basically a tear down, so it will take a year to build, but it will be a pretty awesome house for us (and Leo), since its right on the water - and has a pool!

Every time we go home, the first order of business is deep dish pizza and good bottle of wine, so we crossed that off the list right away. 

 And, that also marked the last time I held my baby for 2 weeks.


We also got smart and decided to take advantage of all of those extra hands and snuck away for our friends wedding. 


Saturday was a rough day of recouping.....we suck at staying out past our bedtime these days....but we pulled it together and helped my parents get everything set up for the baptism that following Sunday.


  1. Going home is just the best! That is so amazing that your mom created a nook for Leo. My parents did that too...and it is also nicer than the space in ou apt! The wedding looks like so much fun!

  2. Beautiful.

  3. You can tell how much everyone just adores Leo! And how sweet of your mom to set up his own little "room"! Moms are the best!

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