Thursday Thoughts

::: I still need to get around recapping our time in Chicago - and my goal is to get that up here by Monday. I feel like if I don't get a post on here - than I'll lose the pictures!

::: This past weekend we finally took the Bob stroller out onto the mountains and we all ran as a little squad. It was pretty freaking adorable and I know Joel has been looking forward to this day since I first told him I was pregnant. 

::: Leo is the happiest little baby when we are outside, which is the perfect excuse for patio happy hours and dinners outside! 

::: After taking a two week vacation from reality, I've felt 100% under water since I've gotten back. The days have not been long enough, and I feel like I've been running around with my head cut off. I let so much "stuff" pile up, and now I'm having to deal with that pile.

::: Hold me accountable to this, but I plan to go back to Chicago for 4-5 weeks this summer, and my goal will be to keep up with life while I'm there - unlike this last trip!

::: I finally found a lamp for our little play area and found a few fun pieces for the top of the book shelf. We hang out in this little corner all day,  so I've appreciated looking at the spruced up version!

::: I've gone one week 100% carb free. I'm leaving for Mexico in a few weeks and I'm not cheating until the day I land my feet in that country! Unfortunately, the scale still hasn't budged, I thought for sure I'd be down a few pounds....but, alas, nothing!

::: Which is why I will be rocking one pieces. I'm hoping a spray tan, and an expensive one piece bathing suit will perform miracles (or at least illusions of miracles) while I'm there.

::: We just started watching People vs. OJ on FX and both Joel and I are super into it. We're not big TV show people, but this one is hard to not binge.

::: Leo (and I) are going through a ton of transitions right now. As soon as you feel like you've got this parenting thing under control....things have to change. We started solid foods this past month, (which hasn't gone amazing), we're trying to drop his middle nap (which hasn't gone amazing), and we're going to stop breast feeding this Sunday, on his 7 month birthday (which is making me sad).

::: Leo also has really bad dry skin on his face that I can't seem to get rid of. We've tried a few OTC options, but it just doesn't want to let up. Any pro tips out there before I take him to the doctor next week?


  1. Leo is adorable.

  2. Try soaking a cotton ball in breastmilk and applying that to the dry skin. BM is miraculous

  3. That picture of you and Leo is so cute! Aquafor is seriously a miracle worker, but I am sure you have tried that. Weight loss while breastfeeding is hard because you are so hungry. I am still struggling with the last 10 pounds. I am sure no carbs will do the trick!

  4. Love this! Leo is seriously the cutest baby-- that pic of the two of you is a framer for sure! Also, major props to you for making trips back home to see your family a priority. I'm in Boston and my family is in Texas, and I know that taking future babies back home to see my parents will be SO important to me! Hopefully the flexibility for long trips home continues after your maternity leave ends - another concern of mine for down the road haha (maybe it's bad that I have a list of concerns and am not even pregnant yet?).

  5. Try the lotion Cerave for the dry skin. My daughter has really bad eczema and that lotion saved her skin this winter. I also have an aloe vera plant and dabbing a little of that on her skin has also helped problem areas.

  6. The hubby and I started a low carb diet this past Monday and it's been hard. Of course he's already dropped 8lbs, I mean how is that even possible. Would love to see some of your recipes.

  7. I second the Aquaphor suggestion. That stuff is like a miracle in a tube, I swear. From bug bites and dry skin to cuts and chin rashes from drooling. Best stuff ever.

  8. We've had luck with cetaphil baby lotion. Have to apply morning and night.

  9. My four year old has really dry cheeks also and her dr recommended nipple cream I bought the berts bees and just put a litte on and it works great. We apply morning and night just a little about size of a pea
    Good luck and your little guy is so cute and I love following you and snap chat

  10. Have you tried this?


    It usually helps when Tripps skin is dry/irritated. I also love their lotion esp the nighttime calming version.

  11. What have you used so far on his skin?? I highly recommend Vaincream skin CREAM (not the lotion) if it's genuinely dry skin, but if it's more like irritated skin from drooling and sucking on things, probably something more along the line of Aquaphor will help.