Christmas-y Weekend

The weekend started with a playdate with Tita and Leo's cousin Carter. They are exactly 7 months apart and Leo is anxiously waiting for her to get on the move so that he has a built in playdate for life.

It was a cousin filled weekend for us because my cousin Amanda came to stay with us for the weekend! Leo and Aunt Nanda were in Heaven with each other.

Friday night both Amanda and I were totally exhausted so after a few glasses of champagne and pizza, we put on the movie Elf and passed out on the couch before minute 19. 

Saturday morning, Amanda, Erin, and I took Leo and Carter for a long walk in Santa Monica, had breakfast at M Street Cafe, and then came back to my house to decorate cookies! 

It was an insanely messy activity - and Leo basically just decorated my carpet with sprinkles - but we had a good photo op! 

A new restaurant opened in Brentwood - Bottlefish - so us girls left the babes behind with their dads and went out to dinner.

Of course when there are no cute babies to photograph, I totally forget to take pictures. 

Amanda left Sunday morning, and that day I hosted a cookie exchange for my girlfriends.

The girls came over at 2pm for champagne, appetizers, and cookies and we had such nice time.

The only proof I have of actual guests because I can't seem to figure out how to take pictures of people anymore!! 

A great time was had by all - and now it's time to sugar detox hard! 

Do I say that every Monday? Tuesday....


  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend and all those cookies look delicious!! Leo is such a cutie! I feel like at 3.5 some activities with Miller are getting less messy, but barely!

  2. Awe, how cute! I love decorating cookies around this time of the year.

  3. What a festive weeekend! I love the comment about Leo decorating your carpet with sprinkles...So true!