Loving Lately

::: Leo's age...oh my word, I think 14 months might be my favorite yet. He is such a cute little sponge and we are in a really nice sweet spot as far as his routine goes. He is really showing us his love, and it about melts me into a pile of mush everyday.

::: that I'm feeling good again...almost three weeks of a sinus infection had my body - and mind - totally off whack, and its feeling good to feel good again

::: exercising (again)...see above, but because I wasn't feeling well, I couldn't force myself to get my workouts. Working out makes me such a nicer, happier person, and getting back into a slight routine this week has been refreshing for all of us.

::: gilmore girls... Have you watched? I just finished last night (I was one of the few people who didn't binge it) and I loooooved it. I thought it was perfect, fun, and I wish there was more. And the ending?!?!?!?!

::: afternoon coffee breaks...As much as I love spending every second with Leo, everyday I am very thankful for his nap time! I've been trying to spend the first thirty minutes of his nap totally chilling out with a cup of coffee, and I get giddy about the little routine I've created lately. And I can't quit the pumpkin spice coffee just yet either.

::: The Anixety Guy podcast....has been my podcast of choice lately. Most of his episodes are about 17/18 minutes, so I try and take an afternoon walk with Leo and the dog and listen to one complete episode. I listen to Young House Love once a week too, and I'm looking for a few more blog style podcasts, so let me know if you have one that you enjoy.

::: champagne... For some reason, my beloved red wine hasn't been tasting all that amazing to me, and in its place has been champagne.

::: @drawbertson...If you don't follow him on instagram....go right now! My mom and sisters and I LOVE him. This is a great article about who he is, but his artwork, ideals, children, and overall personality are just amazing. I met him last year at his children's book signing and hooked my mom and Leo up with signed copies, and this year for Christmas my mom got my sisters and I this sweatshirt from bloomingdales and I can't take it off. Next up? I want a piece of his artwork!                        
$ALTERNATIVE Stand Up To Breast Cancer Sweatshirt - Bloomingdale's                     

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  Hope you're having a great week! How are we only TEN days away from Christmas? 


  1. #1: I am OBSESSED with 'Carlos' and 'Enrique'! Those bubbas are everything.
    #2: I'm halfway through an episode of The Big Boo Cast, two BFFs with great southern accents (which means they talk slowly... which means I can listen on 2x and still understand them) and it's quite cute!

  2. I'm on a big champagne/prosecco kick too. & my red wines of choice have been varying, instead of being my go-to style.

    I love listening to the Popcast, Here to Make Friends, What Should I Read Next, From the Front Porch and Life at the Speed of Kids (hosted by two friends & former co-workers!).

  3. Podcasts I LOVE: One Bad Mother, Stuff Mom Never Told You, The Big Boo Cast, Sorta Awesome, Still Buffering, This American Life, and Jamie Ivey (her podcast is Christian based- and while I am a card carrying Presbyterian, some of them are a little too much for me, but she keeps most of them pretty light. I love her old episodes with Rachel Hollis and Jen Hatmaker as guests.)

  4. I am so with you about 14 months being a sweet stage. I honestly feel like as soon as SC turned one her sleep pattern became substantially more regular and she is so much more interactive! I also take a little coffee break during her nap time. :) Glad you're feeling better!

  5. Love the big boo cast podcast! I have to say I didn't love GG this time, I feel like they tried to make it a little too crazy (the play!). But.... after the end I was thinking Oh my goodness, I need to find out what happens, so I really hope they make more episodes! I just got engaged so I am all the about the champagne ;) (And need to get back on the workout wagon!)

  6. I loved 1yr to 18 months then I feel like the terrible twos always hit my boys after 18 months. So glad you're feeling good again, sinus infections are the worst. Nap time used to be my jam, it always made me a better mom with that break. Miller has given up naps and it's been so hard to give up my alone time, so if he won't play quietly I let him watch the ipad because I need at least one hour to myself for my sanity!

  7. Other than marketing podcasts, I love Best Work/Best Life From Kathy & Mo. Sounds cheesy, but they're a great way to start your morning.