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Reading : Fourth of July took a little steam out of my reading train, and after What Happens in the Hamptons, I've taken a week off. My cousin, and a few friends (Nat), recommended that I pick up The Identical by Elin Hilderbrand. I've downloaded the sample onto my Kindle and I'm hoping to get deeper into it this week.....

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but it's been a little harder since I'm constantly on Bravo.

Watching: Real Housewives of OC returns tonight and I am SO excited. I think the OC is my favorite of all of them. 

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I'm also sad to see Southern Charm go (and I hope they pick it up again for another season), but I do love Sweet Home Oklahoma which comes back this week too.

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and I'm semi embarrassed to say, I'm also watching Counting On. For whatever reason, I'm hooked to them, and I find their "simple life" enjoyable and relaxing to watch.

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Cooking: I'm way off my cooking train. I have about a trillion excuses, but I'm trying to ease back into a few of our favorite healthy dinners each week. Last night I made one of our favorites and it really is the perfect summer dish because it's quick, light, and very fresh. 

It's Natalie's meatball recipe and a Taylor Farms bagged Asain salad that I added avocados too. 

We offer Leo meat and fish with at least one meal a day but he is basically a full blown vegetarian at this point. I'm trying hard not to obsess - and he does get his protein in via hummus, peanut butter, eggs, smoothies, greek yogurt, etc. but I'm so sad to see my once amazing eater totally rejecting healthy foods and putting in its place lots of pasta and bread products (is that my DNA showing through???). 

Doing: I had to share this because I'm so dang proud of it, but on Sunday, Joel and I spent two hours paddling on Crystal Lake.

I have paddled a few other times with not much success (both times were on oceans), and really didn't see the enjoyment out of stand up paddle boards, but on the calm lake during no wake - we had SO much fun. And even carried out beer to enjoy in the middle of the lake which was pretty cool too.

It was so relaxing, a fun workout, and Joel basically had to drag me off the water. 


  1. I love The Identicals! I finished it in two days at the beach. Let me know what you think. Fun blig post, so I'll add mine: Reading- just finished the Identicals and now on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Watching- Wimbledon.

    1. I posted too soon! Cooking- trying to be healthy after vacation and have lots of protein and salads. Doing- hanging with a toddler and going to the beach and the zoo.

  2. So this is a little random, but do you have any insight on how you guys transitioned Leo to solids? My Charlotte just turned 6 months and we're doing a combo of purees and BLW - my nerves almost can't take watching her deal with whole foods, but I know the benefits are so good. I want to help however I can so that she's a great eater because I'm SO super picky. Would love any mama guidance you're up for sharing :)

  3. Love these post updates!!! The identicles is next on my list too! I'm excited for the RHWOC too!!

  4. I'm hooked on Counting On too. Its weird but I think its relaxing and interesting. ;)

  5. I'm really enjoying The Identicals. I think you'll like it too! Oliver has become a picky eater as well but luckily still eats sweet potatoes and broccoli every night. And thank God for smoothies right?! I didn't know OC started back!! So excited!