The List that doesn't End

Just this week actually, we have lived in our house for six months. 

I honestly can't believe it's been that long, and at the same time, it feels like we've been here for years. 

We've made a ton of updates to the house since we've been here, but it for sure feels like every time we cross off one item, I add another one to the list. 

We are still not sure about how high a priority our outside space is. We had a quote come in for our screened in porch that was honestly 3x what we were budgeting - and now I'm thinking about giving it some time before we screen it in anyhow.

And if that's case, can't I use that budget in other places? ;) 

The few things I'm obsessing about lately are window treatments in our guest bedrooms (actual necessities because we've literally hung sheets up when guests have stayed over which kills me), installing a gas converter into our fireplace (a not fun job that costs quite a few hundred dollars and will be done in the fall), changing out our door knobs/hinges, and lastly  a new chair for our living room.

I think the first job to be done is to have someone install , or order (does anyone have good expierence with Blinds.Com or HomeDepot DIY?) basic 2" wood blinds on both of our huge windows upstairs.
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And after that job gets done, then I really want to pull the trigger on a chair for this spot.

I'd like to move the table with the lamp on it to to the side of the fireplace, and create a cozy little corner that will really complete and fill out our living room.

The colors in my living room, I think, would do really well with an oversized, buttery soft, broken in leather chair, so that's what I'm on the hunt for. 

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Christmas is around the corner, right???? 


  1. Home ownership! Sounds like yall should wait on the outdoor space until maybe Spring and get these few things done before winter. It's just money right?!!

  2. We've been in our house two years at the end of this month and I feel like our list keeps getting longer and longer! Kyle is not handy at all and he installed the 2in wood blinds on all our upstairs windows, he bought them from Home Depot and said it was easy. You could probably see if they would install them for you, we found them to be the cheapest rather than going through a blind company. We also plan to put plantation shutters on our first floor so we were trying to save $$ upstairs where no one sees them haha. Love the idea of a big leather chair, so comfy and perfect for winter. You will not regret changing to a gas fireplace, I think we're going to do that this year too, my parents did it when we were little and we used the fireplace about 10 times more after that!

  3. oh and the list just continues to never end!!! We've been in our house for 3.5 years now and there is always things to be done and new things that pop up that need to be fixed!!! I agree with what Natalie said above!! The house is looking great though!

  4. We used to live close to where you are. If you end up getting plantation shutters, we used Shutterhut. They were the least expensive and did a great job. Family owned etc... Budget blinds is another good one.

  5. Love the idea of a big soft leather chair!

  6. Blindster is what we used and so did my brother and they were really easy and cost effective. They rotate their sales so you can wait for a 45% off on the type of blinds you want.

  7. I love your chair inspiration! I totally feel you on this post. I think we are in a state of paralysis and we don't even know where to begin on the list! We were initially going to build a patio this summer, but we are waiting because I have no idea what we actually want. I care way more about trying to furnish the inside!

  8. Totally can relate to this post...yay home ownership. And, blinds on the back of our house isn't exactly a "fun" home purchase, but what a difference it made getting rid of our maroon window shades. (what were the previous owners thinking?!) We had a great experience with Home Depot and went with Bali, white 2 in. faux wood blinds and had no issues installing them. If you watch, you should be able to order during a sale!