4th of July Recap

The Fourth of July weekend is probably the best week where we live all year long - and this year did not disappoint. 

On Wednesday, the actual 4th, my parents hosted a pool party BBQ for all of my cousins. Joel and I started the morning off with a run, and then spent the rest of the day in the pool, eating, drinking, playing games and just hanging with family.

The only bummer about the 4th this year was that it fell in the middle of the work week, so Joel had to get up Thursday morning and go to work. 

We kept to our normal day on Thursday, with the exception of welcoming family in to town. Joel's Aunt Annie and Uncle Jim stayed with us for the weekend - and we kicked off the party with a BBQ at our house.

On Friday, after swim lessons for Leo, Joel's mom, aunt, and my mom, Grandma, and the kids all went out to lunch. 

It is not lost on me how lucky we are to have so much family local, and family that loves each other as much as we love them. 

Joel got home early from work and we took the kids over to the Lakeside Fest. 

Leo had been watching the rides go up all week long and was BEYOND excited.

We did about 3 rides with friends, and then we walked the kids home to meet a babysitter, so that Joel and I could go back to the fest and hang out with friends for the evening in the beer tent. 

Saturday morning we work up and got right back into the swing of things with cocktails and pickle ball at our neighbors house. 

Joel's brother Andrew and his family from San Diego were in town, so we hung out with them for a little while in the afternoon before we got ready for a 4th of July party.

The weather couldn't have been more ideal....and besides Leo being suppper anxious about the "big booms" we had a perfect evening. 


I changed Leo into his jammies - my sister pulled out a new stuffed toy for Leo - and once the first firework made it into the air - Leo decided they were the coolest thing ever. His commentary for the entire 20 minute display was adorable and he wanted to go to firework party eveyday now.

And because we're crazy....we decided to have Drew's baptism Sunday! But we'll save that for a different post!


  1. I can’t even with Leo in that hat! So cute!

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  3. Omg what a wonderful weekend you had! CL does it up for The Fourth, that's for sure. My boyfriend only had a half day off this week because Lakeside Fest is the police department's busiest weekend--ha! We didn't get a chance to see the fireworks in town this year, but I'm hoping to catch them next year. They looked so pretty from pictures I saw. Also, loved all your outfits in this post!

    1. It’s a great time of year to live here! We should meet for drinks sometime! Would love to connect. Shoot me an email anytime! Teatimewithtess@gmail.com

  4. What a perfect 4th! Time with family is the best!!

  5. Yes--would love that! Sending you an email now!