Drew's Baptism

Since a lot of our family was already in town for the 4th of July festivities, we decided to have Drew's baptism on Sunday, July 8th. 

That morning, we decided for our whole fam to go out and play some tennis and pickle to start the day off. It turned out to be an absolute blast - and even Leo got in on the action.

We rushed home, pulled the house together as quickly as possible, finished up last minute errands, got everyone ready, and tried to snap a few family pictures before we met everyone at the church.




Drew's baptism gown was worn by my mom - and then by me as a baby - which was really, really special. 




 My sister Hannah is Drew's Godmother, and Joel's brother Andrew is her Godfather 

After the Baptism, our two families all headed back to our house for a late lunch party.

all the Shields cousins

 three Shields girls were born in 2017  




We wrapped up the perfect afternoon with rose and cheersed to our sweet Drewbie girl.

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