Be Mine

Valentine's Day Party in the first grade, is not as much fun when you are the teacher. The kids were sugar crazed all day. I did get lots of yummy chocolates and fruit roll ups as apologies for their insanity so all is forgiven.

For my valentine's date with Joel, things are a tad calmer. We are celebrating on Saturday. The same day that I have 12 hours of licensing exams. Not ideal. Doubly not ideal because we are cooking our own dinner. A few weeks back we decided that we would make an appetizer, 2 small entrees, and a dessert item. We picked out of a hat which items we'll cook and I picked a dessert and an entree. I can't tell you what I'm cooking up (Sorry Joel) but it's not too tricky so I should be able to cook it up while I set up our dining room, shower, and prepare for a celebration. Yea, maybe that won't be as easy as I was hoping....

No school on Monday makes me a realllllly happy camper (thank you Presidents!). It is especially appreciated because I received a job interview!!!!!! and need to go buy a suit for the big round 1 screener next Friday.

Overall, I think a holiday that celebrates love and chocolate isn't half bad.

I hope you are enjoying the love that is surely all around you.

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