Valentine's Day

I've got a really lovely valentine. His name is Joel and I like him so much that I have decided to keep him.

Joel and I spent Valentine's dinner at home. We each cooked two courses and decided to spend only $15 on each other's gifts. Having such a low price point ended up being harder than I thought. I found a cute khaki polo hat on clearance and a Brooks Brothers tie so I ended up doing pretty well.

Joel made me a book, "Ten reasons I wouldn't want to spend Valentine's Day With Anyone Else" (Can you see why I'm keeping him). There's ten reasons (obviously) with a picture on each page that goes along with the reason...example ----> 10. you make me laugh, a picture of us laughing. The book is stinkin' adorable and is worth so much more than fifteen dollars.

As far as dinner went Joel had the first 2 courses. He made a smoked salmon spread that was divine and a clam bisque soup. By the time my courses were up, I was already getting full. Everything we made was so delicious I don't think we could have had ordered a better meal. We didn't want each other to know what we were making until it was served which made the meal that much more fun.

I made this beauty:

I bought a dough mix that you add water too so you can form it how you want. I thought the crust was delish. The toppings are a crumbled turkey sausage, feta cheese, and thin tomato slices with a tomato basil sauce. Really easy, and really good.

For dessert we had choclate fondue:

We had such a great valentine's night just enjoying each other's company and conversation. Today we had brunch and just hung around. It's so fun to laugh and play with someone you truly love and care about. Thanks for a great weekend Joely.

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  1. Aweeee! Such a cute Valentine's Day!!! Xoxo-BLC