RTI meetings

RTI meeting, in place: now.

What's an RTI meeting? It stands for response to intervention. In the classroom we set up interventions for individual students who need more assistance. Well, I'm home, and I'm calling an emergency RTI meeting on myself.

It's time for some interventions. My interventions that I will be putting in place for the next thirty days are as follows (with picture, since I think a post without a picture is like a wine glass without wine)

1.Yoga - I've done yoga on and off for the past 4 or 5 years. Maybe once every month. I've tried all different kinds, Bikram, Vinyasa, Hatha, I even think I took a pre-natal yoga class on accident. But, this time it's different. This time I'm going to go to yoga for the mental benefits, not the physical gains. I'm going to go to yoga to spend an hour of my time silencing my mind, stretching my body, learning breathing techniques, and relaxing. My goal is to go to 3 weekend classes in the next 4 weeks.

*That's me in the white-tee doin' some downward dog

2. Journal - Another thing I do all the time. I have always written down what I eat, and the calories next to it, and I have this blog. But rarely do I have a self-reflective journal where I just vent. My goal is to write in my journal almost everyday for the next 30 days.

3. Church - I simply don't go to church enough. I have excuses for it, but I need to get my butt there. I love church. I love the way it makes you feel re-energized, humble, and thankful. I am not in love with my church. I find the messages a bit traditional, and the service meets the needs of an older crowd. I've wanted to try other churchs but haven't gotten around to it. My goal, is to attend church at least once (Hey, I gotta be realistic....) in the next month.

4. Secret - Have you read "The Secret"? Are you busy right now? Okay, well then head out to Borders and go pick it up. It's not hokey-pokey. It's not magic. It's down right common sense. It's all about sending out positive energy in order to get positive things back into your life. My goal is to re-read it and practice it!

5. Affirmations - Since all of my goofy (which is a really nice way of putting it) negative thoughts are in my head, the only way to get them to leave is to replace them with something more positive. My goal is to say my positive affirmations every single day, to believe them and feel them.

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  1. Thanks for coming by my blog =0)

    I have yet to try Nutella and I am sort of afraid to. I already have a really big problem with peanut butter (think the inability to stop from eating spoonful after spoonful on top of with bananas and apples every morning) and if I threw another option into the mix I might really end up in trouble.

    Yoga is such an incredible way to relax and step away from the world - I wish I could find a class in my new town!