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Happy things to report here in my world!

Okay, first of all - I passed my screening interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A week ago, I had an interview at big school district. They asked me 50 situation questions and told me to be on my way. With the passing on this screener, it means that principals in the district can only hire people of have passed this initial screener. I'm considered a "preferred candidate" and newly hired teachers must be "preferred candiadates". It's the first step to getting a dream job in a perfect location. Fingers Crossed!!!

We had a great weekend in Iowa. We got to Iowa late on Thursday night, but not late enough to not meet up with my gal pals at a bar. I as able to catch up with the ladies while Joel met up with some of his friends downtown too. It wasn't a late night because on Saturday I had a job fair.

My first job fair experience was pretty successful. It's a lot of long lines and short conversations but I feel like I'm a pretty good interviewee and hope that I made a postive impression on some of the principals.

Saturday night was sushi and airliner. It was so much fun and I felt like I got to accomplish everything I wanted to do in Iowa in such a short time.

From Iowa, Joel and I drove straight to downtown Chicago to hang out with my cousins for the night. We ordered in sushi again, ordered 10 rolls for 4 of us, and we're literally in a sushi-coma. We played a pretty competitive game of Ticket to Ride (which is like my most favorite game ever and serisouly recommend buying it off amazon), had some wine, and went to bed.

This little princess is my cousin's daughter Sophia. She and Joel were just too precious together I couldn't help but snap a few photos. Joel is also forever grateful for Sophia for letting him borrow a Hello Kitty band-aid.

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  1. Yay to the successful preferred candidate interview! That is STELLAR!!!