Happy October 1st

Bags are packed, beer is chilling, and the second I get through this work day I'm off to the University of Iowa!

PrettyinPinkMegan wrote a helpful post yesterday about how to dress for this weird transition weather. Chicago is the class example of bizarre weather. Example: Right now it's 47 degrees, with a high of 71. I mean, come on....how do you dress for that?!

Apparently this week, I've been in a blue mood.

In Chicago I have found that for this transition period when it's hot and cold you need the following:
  • light scarves
  • cardigans
  • flats
  • short-sleeve sweaters
  • leggings
  • button downs
If you have the following, I think you can look chic, stay warm, and beat the heat all in one swoop!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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