Weekend recap

This weekend was exactly what I needed. Friday after work Joel and I met my parents at Montarra Grill, a knock-out five star restaurant.

We had a great bottle of wine, lobster stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer, and I ordered walleye with a lump crab sauce. It was out of control good.

The best part was having my parents all to myself this weekend. With two other sisters, family that lives all around, and a large circle of family friends, it's honestly rare that I get the two of them on their own. I took full advantage :)

Saturday my mom and I took my sweet furbaby Haley to get her first hair cut. Haley is just about 8 months old and is a WILD puppy.

I wish I had a picture of the "before" because she was literally a fluff ball, but just imagine this little thing with about 10 extra pounds of curly goodness:

Doesn't she look like the cutest little lamb?

After Haley's haircut my mom and I headed over to my Aunt Peggy's to bake apple pies.

My family does this every year and freezes the pies so that we have them for the whole year and are able to easily pull them out at famiy dinners, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

After pies, some of the girls went to see Like As We Know It. It was a cute chick flick, which are the only movies I see, and I thorogugly enjoyed it.

Katherine Heigel looked great (a post on her fashion later, if I can find some pics) and the house they filmed in was my absolute dream house.

After the movie, my mom and I had dinner with my dad who cooked us a great dinner while we were at the movie and welcomed us home with two glasses of red wine in his hands.

My mom and I watched The Back Up Plan --(with Jennifer Lopez)--which is a HORRIBLE movie. Not good in any way, shape, or form!

Sunday I had brunch with Joel's family, did some shopping with my momma, and stayed home for Sunday night dinner.

It was the most perfect family filled weekend you can get.

It is starting to catch up with me that Joel and I are never at our home on the weekends just laying low.

Our life is really, really fast paced right now. Blessedly, it is filled with all good things, all of my favorite things really, so this is NOT me complaining but I could definitely use a staycation.

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