Dear Diary,

Today bit me in the ass....hard

A while back, I was promoted to a management position, and the team I'm managing began their first week on Monday. It's a training week and things are crazy. I'm getting up around 5am in order to be at work before 7 so that I can get some work done before training starts at 9.

Chapter #1

I forgot my coffee at home so I had to go buy a starbucks (Non-Fat Chai Tea Lattee 1 pump vanilla) at 8:55, right before I had to begin our first meeting of the day. I got into the elevator and thought maybe the elevator smelled bad before I quickly realized I must have grabbed the wrong drink which was a nasty concoction of coffee and dirt. (I'm a coffee drinker, but S.bux is jet fuel that I cannot handle)

Chapter #2
I all of a sudden have a horrible cold. My body is weak and tired - my head feels like a bowling ball, my throat is scratchy, and I can't breathe out of my nose. Oh, and I'm leading meetings from 9-4 sounding like the lockness monster.

Chapter #3  
I'm trying to eat well and lose some weight, and I have a bowl of candy staring at me from 9-4.

Chapter #4
My iphone is still broken. I took it into the Apple store last week and they told me that had to update the software before they could swap out my phone - which they promised would fix the issues. Well, no surprise here, it didn't and now I have to go back to the dang store and get a new phone.

Chapter #5
I'm feeling very discouraged, unappreciated, and secluded at work. I think this is just because my overall mental state is in the shitter, but I kind of feel like Eeyore.

Reread this and grow some kahunas.


  1. awwww poor you! sounds like a really tough week so far...but a holiday coming up to help hopefully! Keep on drinking tea and try to get some sleep at night and hopefully you can pull through. xo

  2. Hang in there girlfriend!!!

  3. Sorry you had a yucky day :( hate when that happens. Get lots of rest and have Joel take care of you - I'm 99% sure you will feel better! Haha

    And just think - tomorrow is already Wednesday! One day closer to the weekend!