Detox Check In #1

December is flying by at records pace. If you read here I’m leaving for Mexico for the Christmas holiday. My family has a vacation home in Punta Mita, so it’s not weird for me to not be “home” on Christmas morning. What is weird for me, is throwing on a bathing suit in the middle of December.

I’ll be boarding my flight for paradise in 15 days from today.

Last Monday, I started to slim down what I’m putting in my mouth in hopes that I, too, would slim down. With a 20 day diet, I didn’t think miracles were going to happen, but I’ll take what I can get.

I weighed in on Monday, after 1 week and I was down -2.2 pounds. I’m hoping to take off 5 more in the next 15 days.

The most radical thing I’m doing right now is writing down everything I’m eating. Every morsel that goes in, ends up on the paper. And I’m trying to stay under 1,900 calories. I’m reducing alcohol and restaurants and trying to keep my exercise the same.

I’m keeping the water intake high, trying to reduce snacks between meals, and being okay with feeling uncomfortable sometimes!

This weekend is packed full of holiday parties and activities, but I’m hoping I can stay on the right path.

And for added motivation....


  1. you can totally do it...you're on the right track!!! just focus on that end result and you'll get there ;)

  2. You are going to have SO much fun in Mexico, and when you have that golden tan I will be oh-so-jealous! Good luck with the detox - I admire your dedication!

  3. 2.2 lbs is great! I love the Gwyeth quote. That is total motivation for me right there.

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  5. Go you! You already lost a few lbs, that's great! Good luck with the rest of it. Sounds like you are making the necessary changes. You can totally do it. :)