Ello, Darling!

Today is the first snow Chicago has seen yet! I’m actually a fan of 4 seasons, so I’m welcoming the cold and the snow with open arms.

Plus, with 4 seasons, you do start to accumulate a very versatile wardrobe...
I didn't wear this with the TOMs, but I did commute in them. Switched to Reva's at work.

Getting through a full week of work can so sometimes feel like such a victory come Friday morning So, with any good victory, rewards should follow.

Tonight is girls night. After work I’m going to get a manicure and then meet up with 3 girlfriends for sushi and a comedy show. We are going to “Bye, Bye Liver” which is a series of sketches, all centered around the booze. But to really get into the swing of things, the show is filled with drinking games for the audience. Should be like a college flashback!

Tomorrow Joel and I are going to take Michigan Avenue by the horns and tackle the rest of our Christmas list. Since we will be celebrating Christmas early (the 17th) I really need to get everyone’s gifts and get them wrapped this weekend.

Saturday night my friends are having a holiday party/wine exchange. Everyone is bringing 1 wrapped bottle of wine and in the tag describing what type of wine it is; region, flavors, vineyard, etc. We then will do a little white elephant exchange where you can steal someone’s bottle.

My mom got me this dress from Nordstrom’s, and since I won’t be celebrating NYE in Chicago, this is my once chance to wear it! It looks to be sold out at Macys and Nordstrom’s, but I was able to find it at Zappos. The best part of the dress is the swoop back.

On Sunday, I may even drag Joel to the movies.

Hope you have a good weekend lined up, too!


  1. LOVE the snow photo! Very exciting :) I'm also loving your leopard wedges in that one outfit photo!! The dress is to die for as well :)

  2. There is honestly nothing more beautiful than to see snow fall in downtown Chicago. It's so peaceful!

  3. Wait, wait, wait, a comedy show about booze and they give you booze...Is this heaven? Love the dress. Pics pleeezeee!