WILW: Update on the week

• I’m loving that I had my 2nd book club last night. I feel like a true grown up when I tell people “I’ve got book club tonight”. Not sure when I turned into my mom.

• I’m loving that this week is flying by. Work is busy, so my days just zip on by.

• I’m loving that Joel and I were selected to be a part of a Restaurant Groups secret raters program. I’ll have more info on this next week because we have orientation on the 13th, but what I do know is that for the next 14 weeks we will be getting paid to try out restaurants in Chicago and rate them.

• I’m loving that I have a jam packed weekend. Comedy show, Christmas shopping, and Holiday party!

• I’m loving that I tried a new recipe last night, pizza rolls (here), and it turned out successfully! I was in a mega rush so I don’t have any pictures. I did however realize that I don’t own a rolling pin, so I had to get creative and use a wine bottle.

Not my picture

• I’m loving that Mexico is right around the corner

• I’m loving that the sun has been out this week

• I’m loving the book that I am reading. It’s called Mrs. Perfect by Jane Porter. It’s not as fuzzy as it sounds. It’s a book about women and the trap so many of us fall into. It’s a page turner that has kept me up past my bedtime for the last several nights. I highly recommend it.

• I am loving that my agenda tonight is to put some Christmas music on, cook a healthy dinner, wrap some presents, and catch up on my dvr.


  1. I love your book recommendations so it looks like I've alas found my next read. Hope you're doing wonderful, Tess!

  2. Book clubs are fun as long as you have a diverse group of women! I'm in 2 here in Savannah and one of them is like going down the NY Times Best Seller List and the other is wonderful! It's like standing in Barnes and Noble and throwing a dart! I never know what I'll be reading next!

    Those pizza rolls look scrumptious! Must try those, dieting be damned!


  3. That book sounds intriguing thanks for sharing. And, that is SO fun about the restaurant rating thing. How'd you get involved with that?

  4. I just joined a book club too, we're on our first book. I just read about Mrs perfect on Amazon, and purchased it. Sounds great; thank you for the recommendation!

  5. Ah ~ how cool about Restaurant Groups! Are you allowed to announce it like that? (well, I guess so huh!) I'm jealous! How were you chosen? I hope you get to share about the restaurants as you go to them!

  6. ooooh so exciting re: the restaurants! You'll have to let us know how you enjoy it...i'm sure the novelty will eventuallywear off (like in 2024, I'm only saying that to make myself feel better). That is so so so exciting. Loving your love list!!

  7. Congrats on the restaurant gig! xoxo

  8. I can't wait to hear more about the secret raters thing! That sounds so cool! And, definitely a good book choice, I've read it too!

  9. You're getting paid to try new restaurants?! Amazing! I can't wait to hear all about this!!

  10. 1. I really love that you used a wine bottle as your rolling pin
    2. I just read (and really like) The First Husband so Im sure Mrs. Perfect will be great as well!

  11. I'm so so jealous about your restaurant reviewing gig! Details this weekend please!