Friday Five

1. Our table assignments are due on Monday, which means we have to get our seating chart done this weekend. I'm not going to lie, this is a task I've been dreading as everyone tells me it can be a major headache. PLEASE offer up your tricks of the trade if you have them.
I'm thinking about buying a big poster board, and labeling names (ALL 219 of them) on little flags, and just doing it that way. Unless you have a much more genius and efficient way!! I'm all ears ladies.

2. And, seeing as I leave to head home for all things wedding one week from Tuesday, I am knee deep in this

3. And keeping this bad boy STOCKED. I thought I was going to give up wine in the month of June. Ha.

4.  But, the silver lining is that in 15 days, my hand will look like this and I'll be married to my best friend.

5. Have a great weekend ladies!


  1. I can't believe you leave in a WEEK (from Tuesday)!!!!

    I know this is zero helpfulness, but I am FREAKING OUT for you. OMG.

    Giiiirl that RING. Dang! Woohoo!!

    You're getting MARRIED!!!!!!!

  2. i did the whole poster board thing, and i think it really helps visualize everything. the seating chart was one of my least favorite things, but when you're done with it, it'll feel great!!

  3. Ahhhh I can't believe your wedding is so close! I seriously feel like I was just reading about your engagement the other day. I wish I had some seating tips for you, but since I haven't planned a wedding yet... Haha

    Good luck with everything!

  4. Does CFS get text alerts when you post? Girl is always the first commenter.

    ANYHOO Mom and I are actually MOST excited for the seating chart because it will be our passive aggressive outlet for all of the frustrating people we are forced to invite because we share DNA with them.

  5. I used weddingwire.com. I thought their seating chart tool was great! You can import your guests if you have them on an excel doc, lay out the room how it's going to look, and it's so easy to make changes! It really wasn't too bad- GOOD LUCK :)

  6. love the wine fridge stock up mention!! i wouldnt blame you ONE bit...i think the weef before our wedding i consumed an incredible amount of alcohol (liquid diet) HAHA

  7. Oh good luck with the chart! Your idea sounds great. I was a mess doing ours and then it got all messed up when people backed out at the last minute after we already PAID per plate. In the end, whatever --- people eat and drink and dance. Love your fridge. Which is it again? Would you recommend?

  8. You're getting SOO close!!

    I have no recs for you on the seating chart. I just assigned tables and not actual seats. And I just grouped everyone together according to how we knew them. Family with family, friends with those who knew each other. Leftovers were put together or integrated with friends if there was room at the table. ;)

  9. Love your ring set! That sounds like a good way to tackle a seating arrangement:)

  10. I know I've said it before, but your ring is gorgeous! I love how the two look together.