Random Brain Dump

  • Joel's wedding ring came yesterday and it doesn't fit. We didn't think it would be a big deal, just take it to the jeweler, pay another $60 bucks, and call it a day. Well, no. Joel's ring can't be re sized by a jeweler, so now we have to overnight it back to Chicago to see what they can do. I'm hoping there is a quick fix and the boy will have a freaking ring to wear at the wedding and on the honeymoon
  • June is the gloomiest month in California and it's really screwing with my desire to be naturally sun-kissed by June 22nd
  • One of my least favorite things is having to wait to get by eyebrows waxed. The last two weeks before my appointment drive me crazy - which is happening now.
  • I really need to take a picture of all the spare closets in the house. Mainly, because, they are jammed full. We get packages every single day, and have decided to not go through them until after the wedding. Someone could literally die if the boxes were to randomly fall on them. I have a feeling cleaning everything out - replacing the old with the new - will be our first joint task as newlyweds.
  • It's been very nice to have the weekends not jam packed full of trips and big activities - and I think it's really help me relax. When I was back and forth to Chicago every 3 weeks, it was so exhausting that I literally almost lost my shit. 
  • I've started to listen to talk radio - on the AM station in my car, or the classical station. Currently, they are the only two stations that relax me. 
  • You can commit me whenever you see fit
  • I've been so focused on the wedding and wedding weekend, the fact that I have to start packing for my honeymoon doesn't even seem like a reality. I think I may actually just sit there and cry tears of serious joy when we are there, settled, with not a care in the world.
  • So many celeb babies this week, but I really only care about Kim Zoliack - whom I like and am excited for - and Jennifer Love, who I've always liked too. 
  • Does the thought pregnancy scare anyone else the way is freaks me out? I know it's worth it, of course, and it will likely click for me when I have to go through it, but it seems like a very long, daunting TEN months! 
  • Joel, I know you are reading, that doesn't mean I'm waiting ten more years. Sorry ;)


  1. I'm actually afraid for when we start receiving wedding gifts. I may just sleep on a pile of boxes, literally just throw some thick blankets down and make a bed out of them. I just told my dad I needed a set of industrial shelving for our extra bedroom to hold all the stuff.


    I really need to get into an eyebrow waxing routine. I've been self-tweezing and it's a hot mess.

  2. #1 Sarah's comment above cracked me up.
    And #2 the thought of being pregnant terrifies me! And the fact that I'll be 30 when we wed in November makes me feel like a ticking time bomb. Maybe I should check out the classical stations as well. Ha.

  3. JM is adamant that once we get gifts, we unpack them and store them in their "real life" home. And when we have our full set of everyday plates, glasses, etc. we're going to start using them. We are lucky to have an apartment with LOTS of storage (particularly for NYC) but we really just can't wait til October if stuff will be coming in all summer. Plus, we sometimes use Z's room as a storage/staging area (i.e. where we dumped all of our Spring Cleaning goods before taking to Goodwill), but she'll be here all summer and occupying the space!

    Anyways. Physics. Boxes. Be careful. :)

    Don't fret about the wedding ring - a couple of my friends' husbands lost their band on the honeymoon since they weren't used to wearing it. If it doesn't fit, get a fill-in for the ceremony and deal when you get back. The paperwork is what makes it legit! :)

    Pregnancy doesn't scare me as much as childbirth does. Can I just go to the hospital with contractions and have them knock me out and when I wake up they place a baby in my arms? Betty Draper-style? That would be stellar.

  4. Oh I HATE having to wait for your eyebrows to be waxed. That's what I was doing last week but then found out we were meeting Ryan's aunt from England and I didn't want to go go there looking like a freak so I had to pluck. Now I have to wait another two weeks again. Blech!

    I'm not so scared of pregnancy, but childbirth and the things that can go wrong. I go back and forth whether I want to actually be pregnant. I want kids, yes, but being pregnant is something different. I used to not want to be at all, but I'm in a place now where I'd be more ok if it did happen. But I'd like to wait at least another year so I'm settled more in my new job. I don't think you're ever truly ready, but you have to be in a place where you're more accepting of it and want to have kids. Ya know?

  5. Darling girl,
    Just remember that your wedding day will flash before your eyes and be over before you know it, and none of this stress will even matter. All that will matter is that you are together and married.

    Your honeymoon will be perfect and if you forget things, who cares. You can buy what you need there, or dont do that particular activity. Stay on the beach or in the room. It IS a honeymoon afterall.

    Pregnancy: it is tedious. It is very uncomfotable at times, and you will feel like $%^& many days... BUT, then you will feel that baby move inside of you and be delighted. You will see him move around and your belly move with him. You will see your body change and be fascinated that you can really accomodate another human being... THEN when he/she comes...You will be too busy focusing on just wanting him OUT NOW, to think of anything else. It hurts like hell, you can scream and be demanding or not, it is your world, but I promise the second that little baby is placed in your arms, you forget about all the pain, the 10 months and every moment that you ever had. It is THAT worth it.
    Good luck.