Wedding Wednesday: Popping In


I miss you! I miss having lots of fun things to blog about, but, you may not be surprised that right now, my life is ALL things wedding.

Besides planning the wedding, I have to organize my job, house, and dog to all work well without me for 3 solid weeks. We have a sitter staying at our house with Roscoe, which is amazing, but also requires some cleaning, shopping, and note making.

Plus, I'm having to pack for 1 week in Chicago and 2 in Hawaii - which is making my head spin a little bit too.

All in all, I'm trying to get into SoulCycle classes every other day - and, I'm drinking my fair share of wine too - because I'm a strong believer in balance.

At night I've been watching EVERY bridal chick flick I can get my hands on: 27 Dresses, The Wedding Date, Something Borrowed, Father of the Bride......I'm really just trying to cash in my excuses while I still have them - and pass the time as quickly as I can so that next weekend can hurry up and GET HERE!!!!



  1. Enjoy every minute of wedding prep! To be perfectly honest, I don't miss that one bit, but it is all so worth it as you see your beautiful wedding come together (and relaxing on the honeymoon never felt so good)!

  2. You got this!! Sounds like you are right on track. I had to pack for Memphis and Cabo which was actually easier than I thought in the end. It was weird being gone that long too!

    Woo hoo! Oh PS Im emailing you later today.

  3. I'm so excited for you! Eeeeeekkkk!!!

  4. I can't believe it's almost here. You are going to be a MARRIED lady!!