Packing Tips for 10 days in Europe - using a carry-on

I wanted to share a few ways I got away with packing for our trip - since I managed to look and feel good most of the time, and I know carrying on can seem like a daunting task when you are traveling for ten days in Europe.

What I wore: 


What I Packed: 

3 shoes: sandals, converse sneakers, Toms wedges
3 dresses: daytime and nighttime
4 pairs of pants: Black leggings/Pixie pants, silk drawstring pants, gray jeans, white jeans
5 Layering pieces: black cardigan, denim button down, jean jacket, tweed sweater, trench coat
6 neutral tops
scarves, hats, belts and jewelry
cross-body day bag and big tote bag 

I easily fit all of that into my carry-on and honestly felt like I packed just enough without over-doing it and felt well dressed and comfortable for most every occasion.

Most Important Tips:

-You've got to be okay with re-wearing your clothes. My biggest hang up about re-wearing my clothes was the picture aspect. I felt like it would look weird in pictures - but really, no one will notice that except for you.

-Day and night clothes need to become one. The outfit I wore during the day was the outfit I was going to wear at night. I sometimes changed shoes, or maybe added a necklace, but for the most part, there was no changing allowed from day to night.

-3 pairs of shoes and that's it. I brought decent walking sandals that could be dressed up, white converse, and black Toms wedges. 

-1 pajama option only. I brought one nighty that was really light weight and comfortable and just rocked it every night.

-Stick with neutrals. All of your clothes should be able to be worn multiple ways (and times), and if you bring neutrals, it's much easier to play with them. Plus, in France, I felt like I fit in much better wearing blacks, tans, grays and lots of stripes!

-On a trip like this, I just had to commit to not working out. Another pair of gym shoes and all of my workout clothes wouldn't work, so I just had to give it up.

-Bring a lot of outerwear accessories. For me, this meant, lots of scarves, coats, and hats. It was much colder in Paris than I expected, so I was so thankful that I brought 3 different types of scarves, bought one while I was there too.

Don't Bring:

-Fancy clothes: I brought one really nice dress and one really nice blouse and didn't wear either of them. We didn't have plans for a 5 star restaurant, so I should've known better, but I just didn't have the need.

-White jeans:  For us, it was too cold, and I never felt like I wanted to wear white jeans all day traveling. There is just too much walking, riding public transit, and sitting on the ground to be comfortable in white jeans. Total waste of space.

-American Hair Straightener: Brought it, it doesn't work even with an adapter, and I killed it.

-Statement necklaces: I thought for sure I would wear a lot of jewelry, but swap the space out for scarves. Scarves are much lighter, much more versatile, and much more European.

-Evening clutch : No point. I was hauling way too many things; maps, cameras, keys, band-aids, almonds, you name it....and there was no point to switching out my purse every night.


  1. Great tips! I love all the outfits you wore. You looked so comfy but chic at the same time. It seems like scarves are the way to go. Life as I know it

  2. Your Paris recaps and this packing list have been absolute lifesavers for me! I've been sending your posts to my husband every day so we can really start planning our trip. Thank you for making me even more excited for Paris - it looks like you guys had an incredible trip!

  3. Super impressive. Still not sure I could just bring a carry on. What's the deal with the hair straighter?

  4. I'm pumped that my next two vacations are beach focused so I can leave all hair products at home... seriously, my round brush ALONE takes up a shitton of room! These tips are all fantastic.

  5. Your recaps have been great! Looks like you had a fabulous trip. You did an awesome job with keeping it simple and classy wardrobe wise! :)

  6. This is a great list. You looked fabulous in all your pictures!

    That's so weird about your flat iron! I've never had trouble using my flat/ curling iron with an adapter in Europe. Good to know that that can happen!

  7. I didn't have trouble using my flat iron/curling iron in France (Thank GAWD). I wonder what happened?

    I will forever admire you for taking a carry-on to Paris for TEN DAYS. Every trip I take from now on, I will think of this post and bow down to you. You looked fab the entire time though. Great accessories!

  8. You rocked those mirror selfies!! I love all your outfits. They look so comfortable but totally parisian chic!! Scarves are definitely the way to go in Paris and I loved that hat you wore for most of your trip! I have one similar in gray but I wish I had gotten it in black after seeing yours!!

  9. This is such good advice- I'm a huge over packer all the time. I love how realistic you kept it and that you wore outfits all day. You look very parisian chic and comfortable at the same time- which is hard to pull off!

  10. I am LOVING all of your outfits- they look some comfy but also very cute and chic! Great packing tips also!

  11. Great tips! Toiletries always get me in trouble. That's what I want to pack a ton of. When we went to Italy I feel like I did better because I wanted to not carry a huge bag on trains. However, Puerto Rico was a whole new story... I packed way too much crap! What do you do about toiletries? What are your basics?