Patio Refresh ::: take 2

Those pillows?

They were too big and I felt like they looked like bedroom pillow.

I took a lot of recommendations and cashed in on the Pottery Barn sale to pick up two striped pillows. It was round six of trying out pillows, but these pillows finally work with the rug and keep the look fresh and classic. 

On Saturday, we went to Home Depot to freshen up plants and re-pot the very few plants that have survived over the last two years.


And I got my first ever lemon tree!! I think that means I'm an official Californian.

Even though the space is small, we use it a lot and I'm still taking inspiration to make it the most efficient and comfortable space that I can.

Good small space interpretation of a outdoor dining area; a small patio space for family meals           small balcony

neutral furnishings + colorful outdoor pillows pack a lot of style into this small balcony space


  1. Gal! I can't believe I didn't recommend those pillows to you because they are the exact same pillows we have on our outdoor patio. I'm obsessed with them. Great choice! I'm jealous of your lemon tree too because I've been wanting a lime and lemon tree!!

  2. It looks great! I love your new pillows and am slightly jealous you have your own outdoor space.

  3. Ah, I got a lemon tree over the weekend, too! Here's to hoping they stay alive and produce lots of fruit!

  4. Love those new pillows! That last patio pic is so gorgeous. It's so hot here now there's no way I'm sitting outside on my patio till at least 8pm!

  5. The rug pulls it all together so well. I love this! But I'm with Ally - I can't brave the SC humidity till about 8+ at night on our patio, sadly ha.

  6. Love! your blog got lost in the shuffle when I switched computers a few months ago and am so happy to have found it again and catch up! Your trip to France looked incredible btw!

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