Because I'm Happy Snapshopts

I want to try and snap happy and simple pics throughout the week. I capture our fun weekends, but sometimes the basic and candid moments of the week go unnoticed. To be honest, most of those little moments are actually my favorite, so I'm going to attempt to keep better record of my weekday happies.

 I had an anxious Monday and woke up on Tuesday morning to a full coffee pot, sweet mug, and touching note from Joely. He turned my whole week around

One of the fortunate perks of working from home, is that I can substitute nanny when friends are in need. Shelby's nanny had pink eye, so while she took a lunch meeting, I got to hang out with her cute son Tucker. Baby time is good for the soul.

Come 5:30, Roscoe knows that "Dad" is close to coming home. He can see the front door from this spot in the guest room, so he will set up shop until his BFF returns home from the day. It absolutley melts me. 

I made April's Buffalo Chicken Meatballs in the crockpot for dinner an dannnng were they good. I served them with a chopped coleslaw and our dinner was a hit. Any dinner that takes 15 minutes of prep is a win in my book.

I missed out on a margarita happy hour with friends, great books, new fall TV, and workouts that made me tick, but I hope to keep up this tradition and get better at noticing and documenting all of the small blessings over the week. 


  1. A lot of times I take pictures of little things here and there on my phone that I never post. When I go back through my phone, those are always my favorites!

  2. Pixie does the same thing around 530 everyday. It's so cute how they know that Dad is coming home soon. Drives me nuts too because she just stares out the window and barks at every car that rides by!

  3. I love this - appreciating the little things is always a good practice :)

  4. so cute and love this idea. Its amazing what a tiny little gesture will do for the soul sometimes. I know I don't do those things often enough. I love how cute and creative Joel got with that one!

  5. What a great idea to document the happy and seemingly simple things in life. & that note and mug was the sweetest gesture! Great advice for an anxiety ridden person like myself to remember as well ;)

  6. This is such a great idea. Really helps appreciate the little things!

  7. Baby time is SOOOO good for the soul!

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