5 on Friday


I'm not going to post the infamous Kim K picture here, because, well.....we've all seen it. There is no way that is real? Right???? And, like, can they go away now?

Them college days and before a kid....it was every day and night....now it takes like 4 days to recover from 1 night of 2 drinks.
I stayed in every night this week, and even though it was a touch boring....getting 9 hours of sleep every night and not waking up with a hangover from a happy hour has been really, really nice.

As a hostess gift, to myself, I'm going to buy myself a new Thanksgiving day outfit but I have no idea what I'll be comfortable in all day long (besides leggings). I'm thinking something like the below is the way to go. I'm going to hit up Loft after work today to hopefully find something fun.
sweatshirt + skirt + shoes...love@Melinda Downey you could wear a button down under your grey poncho with a scarf!!  Reese Witherspoon - navy blue dress tights and boots

 Thanks to a few suggestions from yesterday's post - I'm starting The Andy Cohen Diaries. I'm only a few pages in, but.....hilarious. 

 I have a "book/wine club" with a few new friends tonight and then we are heading to San Diego early Saturday to finally meet my nephew Sullivan! I'm actually excited for the road trip because it'll be 2 straight hours of Christmas music.

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. I am loving the outfit in the middle for a thanksgiving option! I have been wanting to join or start a book/wine club, sounds like so much fun! Have a great weekend love!

  2. Re: Kim? Check out the un-Photoshopped version:

    It's still WAY too much, but the normal/wider middle and the stretch marks? GIRL JUST SHOW US THOSE!!!

    I went into LOFT yesterday and they have a *really* cute sweater dress, it's like $80 or something, multiple colors. Throw those leggings underneath and you'll look super cute (you will anyways!)

  3. I cannot get over those pictures of Kim K! That is just cray cray to me!

  4. I cannot wait to read the Andy Diaries!! He's just my FAVORITE.