Weekend Report :: Chicago

I finally had a work trip in Chicago which clearly makes for the best work trip destination possible.

I landed Tuesday afternoon and my mom picked up up at the airport to head straight into the city. We met up with my sister in Bucktown after she got home from work and had a quick drink before heading out to dinner.


My dad was in the city for work too, so we met up with some family friends for dinner at Eduardo's Enoteca and had wayyyyy too much fun.

My parents were staying at The Thompson, so I crashed with them on Tuesday night since all of my meetings were in the city on Wednesday.

After a few meetings, I met up with my girlfriend Sara for a drink at her house, and then we made our way to my cousin's for dinner. Amanda had a few friends over for pizza and a much needed catch-up sesh. I'm so lucky that no matter how much time goes by without seeing my friends, it feels like nothing has ever changed.


I had an early meeting Thursday morning in the suburbs, so I took the train in and then was able to spend the rest of the day shopping with my mom. 

I'm really hoping it cools off here in LA, because my mom got me some awesome sweaters and those below black boots, and I bought a few new pairs of jeans.

Thursday night we had dinner at the country club with some of my parents friends and then made it home early. 

Friday I got to have lunch with my grandma, ordered in Thai food for dinner, and had my cousin Gia sleep over.  My parents are building a new house so every time I'm home I'm extra sentimental at how perfect our current/old house is. It has been so good to us, and I miss it every time I leave.

I had to leave early Saturday morning to get home. October brought lots of work trips for Joel and I, so I was anxious to just be home with him. My flight home was easy and smooth- besides the awful football played by the Hawkeyes and Wildcats.

I got home at lunch time, and literally couldn't keep my eyes open. Joel snapped this pic of me and my boy finally getting our cuddle on together after 5 long days apart...and we both require gold polka dot pillows in order to nap properly.

Saturday night we walked to sushi which was a fun and low-key date night, and then Sunday we tackled our mile long to-do list.

After a long week away, I'm thankful for a fresh and hopefully healthy week. It's not even the holidays and I can already tell all of the indulgences and exceptions I'm making are creeping up on me.

"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" - Winnie The Pooh | pamcmillin on Instagram


  1. That pic of you and Roscoe sleeping is adorable! I love how he has his head on the pillow! Looks like you had a great week with your family and friends! Love the Winnie the Pooh quote, so so true!

  2. My parents built a new house my senior year of college and I was so upset over it! However, as soon as they moved into the new house it did feel immediately like home again. I Love visiting! Sounds like you had the perfect trip!

  3. Sounds like it was the perfect trip to Chicago! My mouth is watering over that Lou Malnati's pizza... yum! If only they delivered to Michigan :)

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend!!!