Weekend Report

This weekend might go into the books as once of my favorites of the year. The weather was perfect in LA and I could just feel the shift in season. Bring on the holiday cheer!

Friday Joel got home from a week long trip in Ohio so Roscoe and I decided to visit him at the office with some fun Halloween treats. 


When Joel got home we took Roscoe out for a long walk around the neighborhood so we could stalk on all of the cute costumes. I love our neighborhood at Halloween because all of the parents sit out on their driveway with candy and wine so it's a great chance to meet the people that live right next to us.


 I made turkey chili in the crock pot, and was honestly a little nervous for the turn out. I read some of the comments on SkinnyTaste.com that it was a touch bland, so I upped the heat factor with "hot diced green chilies" and a bit of sriacha. It was to die for! SO good!


We had some wine, watched all of the DVR'ed Halloween episodes for the week and called it a night.

Saturday I met up with a girlfriend for a long walk and then spent most of the day at home with Joel. Our nephew had to spend some time in the NICU after we was born last week which has been really hard for everyone....especially my brother and sister in law. Thankfully he is doing wonderfully and and their hospital has webcams for us to watch him from.

I spent way too long watching his sweet face. 

We made pizzas, watch the Vols win in overtime, and had another early night. 

Sunday after a hike we had a rehearsal thanksgiving with some friends who graciously decided to be our guinea pigs. 

We have never cooked a full turkey, and we are cooking it on a charcoal grill, so it was necessary we do a trial run.

While Joel was prepping the bird, Shelby, Dawn, and I took the babies and dog out of the house and over to the park.

Our neighborhood has a really cute park about a half mile away so we got in a good walk and the kids got to swing and hang outside for a little bit before dinner.

It was so funny to watch their boys - Max and Tucker - interact with each other. They're almost a year apart so Tucker was pretty intrigued by Max. 

 We sat down for dinner and I can confidently say that our Thanksgiving guests are in for a treat!

Dinner and company were beyond lovely - it was a really fun night to top off a perfect weekend.

I'm off to Chicago tomorrow for work which means I get to sneak in some extra family and friends time.


  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend! Take me with you to Chicago, please??

  2. What a fun weekend! I'll pass you in the sky...I'm on my way to Kansas City for the day!

  3. Yum!! I love your Thanksgiving trial! You had better share those recipes!!
    I love that long sweater!

  4. Love that trial run!!! I have to do the same for Christmas this year.... luckily all I have to do for Thanksgiving is open some wine!

  5. What a perfect weekend...love that you tested out your Thanksgiving recipes..I'd love to be a guinea pig for that!

  6. We got that same fantastic weather as ya'll did! I was in heaven. I absolutely love that you had a thanksgiving trial run this weekend!! I need to do one of those too. We're hosting Thanksgiving for the first time too and I've never done a turkey before! Have a blast in Chi-town!

  7. Y'all look like you had a fantastic weekend! I felt the same kind of switch this weekend and became so excited about the holidays coming up! The Thanksgiving dinner looks so yummy, looking forward to trying the salad recipe!

  8. A) That meal looks amazing.

    B) Your hair is so cute.

    C) I hope your nephew gets sprung from the NICU asap.

  9. Yum to the Thanksgiving meal! I am determined to make a turkey this year. Though for just ourselves so we'll have leftovers since our parents always do something. ;)

    And Roscoe looks seriously adorable in that pic. Love his smile!