My Makeup Bag & Routine

I'm posting this over at Natalie's blog East Coast Chic as well today, so pop over there if you want to peak inside other bags too!

 I am not a makeup girl. I barely know what I'm doing and since I work from home, I find it silly to have gobs of makeup on my face during the day. However, the older I get, the less I can get away with 100% au natural. 

I use the least amount of products, in the fastest way possible and feel like I have started making a decent crack at it. 

These are the products I use every single day. I probably spend 6 minutes going through my little routine. 

Under-Eye: Fake Up
Concealer: Maybelline in Nude
Brows: Gimmie Brow
Lashes: They're Real

And, who doesn't like a little before and after?

What's your must-have makeup piece?


  1. I love seeing what fellow blondies wear because I feel like my make up washes me out sometimes! I have to wear the lightest color because I'm pale but then I see myself in pictures and I look like a ghost! How does that concealer do regarding under eye smudges? I tend to always have some from my mascara and I blame it on the concealer.

  2. I'm like you -- found my go tos and I'm sticking with them! I do switch it up often with mascara because I'm a mascara junkie.

  3. I'm like you, I work in an office with my dad and uncle so what is the point of wearing a TON of makeup?? I started wearing Loreal BB cream a few years back and it is now my go to! I SWEAR by Maybelline Full and Soft mascara! I've been wearing it since I was 16 and I'll never do another type of mascara :)

  4. Gah your skin is FLAWLESS. I need to update with my recent products... haha I have QUITE a few more than you do.

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