5 on Friday

My sister sent Joel and I a bunch of Chicago spices from The Spice House for Christmas and we are obsessed. They've upped our game for fajitas, steak, chicken....seriously such a great gift idea!  

 I am so excited for Christmas and our trip to Mexico but I'm already sad for the anticipation of Christmas to be over. I just don't want to holiday season to end! On the flip side, it might be nice to start actually saving some money again...

I'm in full holiday mode and that means lots of Christmas cookies and cocktail hours - and my influence is starting to reach the young ones....

This weekend we are making a night of Christmas cooking baking and then heading down to San Diego to celebrate Christmas with Andrew, Corie, and our sweet nephew Sulley! I'm so excited to celebrate the season with their new addition....it really just makes everything that much more fun and meaningful - and it's crazy to think last year's Christmas they weren't even pregnant!!

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  1. I'm already dreading the holidays being over too!! It goes by too fast and I'm not ready for it to end! Ally - Life as I know it